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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Car vs. Bike

You want Ahman Green's car? It'll cost you five dollars. Ahman is raffling off his custom 2006 Dodge Charger for charity and all you have to do is go down to CarStar and buy a five dollar ticket and hope your name gets drawn. Other prizes include a skybox at a Houston Texans game this fall and Husker memorabilia.

Now, I pose an important question.

Dodge Charger vs. Harley Davidson. Who ya got?


Answer: The Harley Davidson.

Ahman says that his raffle ensures that a 'regular' person will win the Dodge Charger. You're more than welcome to go buy all the five dollar tickets you want, but what Ahman is trying to say is that this car is going to some lucky guy that lives in North Omaha and more than likely makes a living on Ames Street. Plus, I loved Ahman as much as the next guy when he played at Nebraska, but I don't need his autograph on my hood. On the other hand, riding along 16th street (sorority row) in the Harley Davidson translates into you picking up chicks. There is not one girl at the University that would turn down a ride. Chances of you hooking up with a dancer from 'The Night Before': roughly 100%.

And one side note: 1908 - 2008. It only took 100 years.