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Thursday, July 17, 2008

NCAA '09 Nebraska Player Ratings

Here is a video of the Nebraska roster in the new EA Sports college football game.

Joe Ganz has a 72 for speed? If I recall, Sam Keller and Zac Taylor were both faster on the game. Our running backs are loaded (especially with linebacker Cody Glenn listed at 2nd string running back). Quentin Castille is our starting fullback. Curenski Gilleylen is our second slowest and second to worst receiver despite the fact he runs a 10.2 100 meter dash. For comparison, Nate Swift has a 90 rating for speed and Gilleylen has an 86. Don't bother throwing the ball to any of our tight ends. Our defensive line is extremely overrated. Our linebackers have serious problems especially with Glenn playing running back. This is going to be a struggle to figure out if I can win online with Nebraska or not. I prefer speedy QBs and speedy linebackers and we have neither. Oh well, 'if it's in the game, it's in the game'. And for that, I can't ever see a year when I won't be married to this game for 8 straight months.