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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Criminal Intent

You know you've made it to the big leagues when DXP invites you to contribute to their great Husker blog site. This is my first post, so no haters. While the countdown to the 1st college football Saturday continues, there has been little to report in the football world, but I couldn’t help but bring up a couple of gems that have hit the headlines recently. For all you Wolverine fans out there who are expecting overachievement with the introduction of Rich Rodriguez as your new head coach, Kevin Grady has given you reason to believe.

With a tattoo of a cross on his left arm, you had to know this guy has high moral values. Just a week ago, Kevin took a break from summer conditioning and went on a Nicolas Cage-Leaving Las Vegas bender, where he was arrested for DUI and registering a stratospheric 0.281 blood alcohol level……you read that right…..0.281. Impressive work to say the least. I’m more impressed he could physically start the ignition at .281, much less put the car in drive. Not to be outdone, Jaguars wide receiver Matt Jones said “what the f**k did that guy do?” and proceeded to blow rails of cocaine off a credit card in an Arkansas parking lot (dude, next time do more than two head swivels to make sure the cops aren’t around when you’re paying tribute to Larry Coker). Obviously expecting a trade to the Cincinnati Bengals, Jones has been a bigger disappointment than my 2am trip to the mini-mart last Friday when I was sucked into buying the latest edition of American Curves magazine. Note to American Curves: don’t wrap your magazine in plastic unless the girls in the magazine are naked. Isn’t that some sort of FTC regulation?

Well it’s back to Lincoln this weekend for me and Vegas for more live racing at State Fair park, and a trip to the Brass Rail, where we’ll be sure to report any fingerblasting incidents involving Husker players on DXP. Oh, and for no reason at all more of your favorite girl below. I’ll gladly pay any reader $1000 if you can find a single flaw in the goddess that is my future wife, Erin Andrews.