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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Florida. You're On Probation.

Because of the Tim Tebow supporters that didn't appreciate the fact that I outed him yesterday, I feel compelled to rain on your parade again.

Not since the SMU football program (1986-1988) and the Kentucky basketball program (1952-1953) received the death penalty has there been a scandal of this magnitude. If you notice in the picture, Tim Tebow has a Gatorade cooler in his apartment.

That cooler will cost you around $70.50

When SMU's football program was given the death penalty, their donors were paying players $75 a month.

I know there is inflation but still. I don't see Joe Ganz flaunting pictures on the internet with fat girls and free merchandise that was given to him illegally. And dude, the next time I see you on the internet attempting to like girls, I better see you with girls dressed like this in your apartment.