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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Joba Chamberlain Goes Hunting

You either love or hate the New York Yankees, but I guarantee you that nearly 100% of Nebraskans love the Yankees when former Husker Joba Chamberlain takes the mound. On Friday, Joba (now close to being considered an ace) threw at the always douchebagalicious Kevin Youkilis of the Boston Red Sox for the fourth time (according to the Boston Herald) since last August.

In case you missed it...

New York was winning 1-0 in the bottom of the seventh inning and Joba had a 2-0 count on Youkilis. With nobody out, he fired a 93 mph heater right at him. (the Red Sox say it was at his head, I say bat.)

Somehow, he ducked and fell to the ground. The ball would end up hitting the bat and after Youkilis popped back up, he yelled at the umpire, "It was right at my f@#!ing head!" That would put the count at 2-1 and Youkilis would eventually strike out. The Yankees would go on to win 1-0 behind Joba's 7 inning, 3 hit, and 9 strike out performance.

"Inside? It was at his head,"
losing pitcher Josh Beckett said adamantly. "Inside are the pitches I was throwing to Alex (Rodriguez) - I think Youk has some decent success . . . maybe took some good swings at him. It’s just one of those deals. They have a way of working themselves out."

Joba would say later, “It’s 1-0 and I’m two balls and no strikes. I’ve got to throw a strike. I don’t want to get the leadoff runner on. That’s it. I’m trying to throw strikes.”

Don't worry Joba. We believe you. (wink, wink)

If you remember, last August Joba threw two upper 90's fast balls back to back over Youkilis' head which landed him a two game suspension. The next time Joba pitches against the Red Sox can't come soon enough. After the next 'strike' locates Youkilis' head, I have a feeling there is a Kimbo Slice type of throwdown coming towards the pitcher's mound if he's still conscious.

I couldn't think of one player's head I'd rather see Joba throw lasers at than Kevin Youkilis. Maybe if he gives him enough 'chin music' that goatee will fall off. This is why the American League needs to get rid of the DH and allow pitchers to stand at the plate. Until then, carry on Joba.