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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Old School: 1979 Challenge Bowl

Today's trip down memory lane takes us to the long lost days of post-season challenge games between conferences. This 1979 edition is the Olympia Challenge Bowl which paired a group of Big 8 all-stars against their Pac-10 counterparts and was brought to you by Grecian Formula (I kid you not). The video is Husker-centric highilighting the exploits of a bevy of former Nebraska greats including QB Tom Sorley, linebackers Bruce Dunning and Lee Kunz, kicker Billy Todd, offensive lineman Kelvin Clark and even current O-line coach Barney Cotton.

Unfortunately I can't find a whole lot of information about this game even on the vast plains of the world wide web. About all I know is that this was apparently the second year of the game and it was played in the Seattle Kingdome. But if you're thirsty for more, the game in it's entirety appears to be available on the awesome site, which has tons of vintage college football match-ups and is now likely to kill an excessive amount of your free time.