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Sunday, July 06, 2008

She's Back. Joey Chestnut's Back. I'm Back. Yeah!

The 4th of July was rough. Really rough in fact. I was able to avoid a couple of Jager Bombs and a fifth hot dog so here I am still standing for the time being.

Guess who else has a back?

Are you guessing?

Yep, you're right. That's Casey Connelly.

I have a few things on the plate here. First, apparently I need to do address college football 301 because another Husker blogger didn't agree with my first take on the state of our recruiting. This is going to get really old when I have to hear the argument that recruiting doesn't matter today. It's hit or miss I know with a FEW players, but I'll take Texas' class or Oklahoma's class vs. Nebaska's class. What the hell, give me Missouri's class or Kansas' class. Give me a break. Yeah, it's July, that's even a bigger problem. The Kool-Aid some of the Husker fans are drinking must be hallucinogenetic. I wish it was true (the Kool-Aid).

And secondly, I am doing a Top 10 most hated current athlete's list as well as the Top 10 Husker football moment's list. Most of it is done, but I'd love some input so I can fine tune it a little.

By the way, the Top 10 most loved current athletes is in the works as well. So far, I have this guy number one. Keep eating Joey Chestnut, you're the real American Hero.

“Gas is 5 dollars. You can’t eat tomatoes. But the Mustard Belt will stay in America and that’s good enough for me." - hot dog guy color commentator.

Dude, you have one year to come up with these lines. I have to say, you hit the ball, I mean dog, out of the park. (That was so cheesy that I had to leave it in here.)

And finally, let me say it again, give some ideas for the best Husker moments of all time. She said so.