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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fan Appreciation Day: Ronnie 'Woo Woo' Wickers

Since all of us here at DXP support the Cubs, it would be blogger malpractice to not put Ronnie Woo Woo in my top 10 fans. In fact, Ronnie Woo Woo is the #1 biggest fan in all of sport. Period. When Dr. D and I used to live right near Wrigley Field, we would frequently see him stumble into the bars and were star struck everytime. We even donated money to a fundraiser from the bar owners in Wrigleyville in 2000 to buy Woo Woo new dentures just so we could attempt to understand him better when we talked to him.

This guy is legendary. He's even had a critically acclaimed documentary made for him. His story goes something like this.

Woo Woo was born in 1941 on the SOUTH side of Chicago. His grandma, who raised him, would take him up to Cubs games in the late 40's. He claims to have started 'wooing' around 1958 and Harry Caray even gave him the nickname of "Leather Lungs". In fact, he was once ticketed for wooing for 6 straight hours but that ticket would be dropped.

When his grandma and girlfriend passed away in the early 1980s along with losing his custodial job, Woo Woo became homeless. He began washing windows in Wrigleyville and only attended games when fans would give him a ticket. Today, Woo Woo makes a living off of making appearance fees and commercials. He's big time now. Here is Woo Woo live and uncut.

A few conclusions can be made from these videos. One, Woo Woo will help you get chicks. Two, 'Sox Man' is gay. Third, although entertaining at first, you probably don't need to sit on a Southwest flight from Chicago to Phoenix with Woo Woo. Lastly, you aren't finding a more die hard fan anywhere.