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Friday, May 30, 2008

Casey Connelly Por Favor

After all the votes were carefully counted, Casey was this big winner this week. As T. Rose said, strike the iron while it's hot. It's hot. Really hot. All I can say is that 3rd string Arena league QB or not, Sam Keller still wins.

Sam and Casey makeout session and new Erin Andrews soon to come.

Dumb and Dumber

Jim Rose and Bill Callahan made quite the team. Make sure you are sitting on your hands while watching this because at first you are going to want to put a hole in your screen. You'll find though that soon as you get to the last few minutes it becomes actually comical and is highlighted with an appearance of Coz' and his 'aggressive personality'.

'You're going to suffer and rightfully so' - Bill Callahan

Back to the idiotmobile.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Real Orange County

Since Jeffie is on hiatus, I figured this is a perfect time to unleash pictures of the Orange Coast College cheerleaders who recently on vacation in Las Vegas tried to outdo the Sacramento Kings cheerleaders. These cheerleaders have won 9 national titles in the last 10 years, and for their hardwork, I figure we should pay tribute to their dynasty.

(Thanks to for giving us these great photos. For the X rated photos (not R), you will for sure want to go here.)

God bless community college cheerleaders.

Warning: Against all odds, I tried keeping this as clean as I could but still probably NSFW!

Check out Slim Shady here...

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Or at least Jeffie Husker has been missing in action. There seems to be little going on related to Nebraska football, and my life has taken a turn toward the hectic. My funding for teaching at UH ran out, so I was left unsupported (or broke) for the summer and until my internship starts. This forced me to look for a summer job for the first time since I don't know when. I've got one lined up now with an added quirk of working a 4-day on/4-day off schedule. I have no idea how this might affect DXP, but Sammy Vegas might need to continue to carry the site for at least a few more days as I finish training and get my head screwed on straight. So commence with the scantily-clad ladies who may or may not be dating one of our players.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Bill Callahan Unplugged: 2nd Edition

Coach B Rizzle in North O is back. A few weeks ago we published the first of the Bill Callahan impersonsations (which is still one of the funniest things I've ever heard) from radio station 1620thezone and here is number two. Thanks to Big Head, we now know it is Omaha sports anchor Matt Schick. This is gold.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Inquiring Minds Want More Casey Connelly

It's customer appreciation day.

A 'Husker Hottie' is the understatement of the year....

Due to the restraining order and Sam Keller threatening my life, this will be the last of the pictures of Casey Connelly (until next week Ice Mike).

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Eric Crouch Paddle Ball Wiz

As if winning the Heisman Trophy and busting out of the NFL wasn't enough. Eric Crouch has now turned his attention to the little-known sport of paddle ball. You know that paddle with a ball connected to it by a thin piece of elastic. Anyway, the guys at Secret Penguin, a design boutique in the NoDo district of Omaha, Nebraska, are taking on all-comers in their Paddle Battle. Their first contestent? You guessed it, Nebraska's own Eric Crouch.

Click here to watch the battle.

Off camera, Eric's opponent could be heard saying "This friggin thing is warped! Why do I always get a warped one!?"

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pay Lache Seastrunk published an article recently on Lache (pronounced Lake) Seastrunk who is a high school sophomore running back from Temple, Texas. Watch this video and continue to remind yourself he is a high school sophomore.

Texas, LSU, Oklahoma, and Miami are his top choices right now. I am not condoning cheating but someone please give Dale Jensen his home number.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Buckhalter and Alexander Highlights

I considered these some pretty lean years in terms of running back talent. Buckhalter never seemed to have breakaway speed, and Alexander weebled and wobbled and fumbled his way into my personal doghouse. But both have done well for themselves in their post-Nebraska days and thus deserve some YouTube recognition.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Slump Buster Friday

Guess which girl you're going to have to thumb wrestle A. Rose for tonight?

Mark Grace is my favorite professional athlete ever. Who actually says out loud that they used to throw salt blocks in the hotel lobby to get out of a hitting slump?

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Casey Connelly Reads DXP For The Articles

I have a feeling this isn't going to stop anytime soon. When your 'boyfriend' attempted to be a star QB at Nebraska and turned out to be terrible, we have no other choice but to expose you as his really slutty, modelesque 'girlfriend' as often as the situation presents itself. Your myspace frontpage makes us all the more jealous of Sam Keller. We are not going to even attempt to breakdown your quote ‘A Hippopotumus is just a really cool Opotumus' nor the fact that you claim to be from 'Carefree, Arizona.' Strike a pose, there's nothing to it.


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

78% of Nebraskans Can't Be Wrong

Major hat tip to AJ whose bitter snark never misses a high-hanger in his wheelhouse like this.

According to an ESPN poll, 78% of Nebraskans believe the Huskers will win the Big 12 North in 2008. Welcome to Fantasy Island!

In celebration, here is a list of other things that 78% of Nebraskans agree on.

78% of Nebraskans:

· Decided against naming their first-born son Broderick “The Sandman” only after fearing it would clash with their bohunk surname.

· Think Nebraska’s thriving music scene reached its pinnacle with the “March of the Cornhuskers.”

· Feel it’s perfectly acceptable for a grown man to wear a jersey in public as long as it’s ‘ficially licensed and doesn’t bear the name and number of a player who cost the Huskers a national championship (sorry Walmart knockoffs and Byron Bennett).

· Have a love/hate relationship with that itchy spot on the roof of their mouth.

· Would shoot a bear (or their mom, for that matter) for wandering into town and “not acting normally”.

· Dated a girl with a better throwing motion than Sam Keller.

· Walked-on for a semester in the 80s.

· Think apparent booger picking is valid ammunition against a 41-6 beat down.

· Believe Larry “the Cable Guy” is not only a scholar and a gentleman, but also a less embarrassing ambassador than Matthew McConaughey.

· Played “Sirius” at their wedding reception.

· Have not only fired off an angry email to ESPN, but keep a template on their hard drive, just in case that “bitch Herbstreit gets all uppity again”.

· Would finance a movie based on my screenplay entitled, “Dr. Osborne: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Short-side Option.

· Were shocked to learn “red beer” is not one of the four food groups.

· Have “thrown the bones” after a particularly successful sales call or presentation at work.

· Refuse to have friends named “Eddie” or “George” after Tommie Frazier was robbed of the 1995 Heisman Trophy.

· Have been blindfolded, gagged and suspended from the rafters by a coach, all in the name of “strength and conditioning”. What, too soon?

· Have sported wood on more than one occasion during the “Tunnel Walk”.

Please feel free to add your own in the comments. I had a friggin' blast on these.

Nebraska and the Elusive 1,000-yard Receiver

Occasionally when examining my collection of Nebraska statistics, I will uncover something surprising and worth a closer look. This time I noticed that Nebraska has never had a 1,000-yard receiver. Perhaps the lack of this milestone should not be surprising given the rushing-centric days of yore, but I still think it bears repeating – Nebraska has never had a 1,000-yard receiver.

If we look at the Top 10 seasons in receiving yards in Nebraska history, you’ll see that we’ve come close, but no cigar (mmm, cigar). Overall, Johnny Rodgers dominates the list with three seasons in the Top 10. After that we see four players from the Callahan era, one from the mid-1970s pro-set days, one from the Scoring Explosion, and a surprising entry from the Solich years in Wilson Thomas. Wilson Thomas had over 600 yards receiving in 2001? How do I not remember this?

Nebraska’s Top 10 Seasons in Receiving Yards

YearPlayerRec. Yds
1972Johnny Rodgers 942
1971Johnny Rodgers872
2007Maurice Purify814
1983Irving Fryar780
2007Marlon Lucky705
1970Johnny Rodgers665
2005Nate Swift641
2006Maurice Purify630
2001Wilson Thomas616
1976Chuck Malito615

Anyway, as I’m wont to do, I decided to put these numbers into perspective by looking at this statistic across an arbitrary time period. What I found, was pretty interesting (at least to a stat geek like myself).

First off, if we go back to the beginning of the BCS era (or 1998 if you prefer), we find that 23 other teams have failed to have a 1,000-yard receiver during that time period. In addition, just one of these teams, Texas A&M, hails from the Big 12. This group also includes the service academies, a couple of bottom-feeders (Duke, Syracuse, Temple, FIU), both schools from Mississippi and a few surprises (Miami, BC, VT, Penn State).

Other Teams Without a 1,000-yard Receiver During the BCS Era

1. Boston College
2. Duke
3. Maryland
4. Miami
5. North Carolina
6. Virginia Tech
7. Texas A&M
8. UConn
9. Syracuse
10. USF
11. Penn State
12. Memphis
13. SMU
14. Army
15. Navy
16. Kent State
17. Ohio
18. Temple
19. Air Force
20. UNLV
21. Mississippi State
22. Ole Miss
23. FIU

Most 1000-yard Receivers in Big 12 During BCS Era

1. Texas Tech 9
2. Kansas State 5
3. OSU 4
4. Texas 4
5. Iowa State 2
6. Missouri 2
7. Baylor 1
8. Colorado 1
9. Kansas 1
10. Oklahoma 1
11. Nebraska 0
12. Texas A&M 0

If we dig even deeper we can uncover the teams that have had the most 1,000-receivers during this time period. That list includes the usual suspects (Hawaii, Texas Tech), along with a surprise (for me) in Michigan. Would you really have guessed that Michigan had the same number of 1,000-receivers as Texas Tech since 1998?

Most 1,000-yard Receivers in BCS Era

1. Hawaii 13
2. Texas Tech 9
3. Michigan 9
4. USC 7
5. UCF 7
6. Louisville 7
7. Nevada 6
8. Many teams tied with 5

So all of this begs the question, when will Nebraska register its first 1,000-receiver and who will it be? Is this player on the roster currently, or has he yet to sign? And what if Pelini decides to move the team to a more spread-option based attack like many seem to believe he will? Will this simply become a milestone that is never reached in Lincoln?

Monday, May 12, 2008

Sam Keller and Friends; Spring Break Baby!

Tabloid news is good. But when tabloid material hits Nebraska, it becomes better. In only months, Sam Keller and Casey Connelly are becoming the ‘First Couple’ of Nebraska. This one comes straight out of Mexico.

Caution: If your computer is not Douche Bag Compatible, navigate away from this page

On the left, you’ll find a guy who wears a bandana on his right wrist, has a tattoo of the lyrics of R. Kelly’s Big Pimpin' on his stomach, and has taken 3 sips out of his first beer he bought 3 hours ago. In the middle, you’ll find a friend who prefers his lime green bandana on his head, just bought some Tom Cruise Top Gun aviator sunglasses for 5 dollars, and of course, is not holding a drink during Spring Break. On the right, Sam Keller is packing a 40 ouncer, wearing his Tom Cruise autographed Top Gun dog chains (free with the purchase of the sunglasses), and sporting a hat that even junior high skaters won’t wear anymore.

Speaking of junior high, Sam and Casey definitely give a new meaning to the phrase ‘sucking face’….

The Charity Bowl

Nebraska fans live for this stuff, no?

From EDSBS and FanBlogs:

Like you, I've been touched by the devastating cyclone in Myanmar, the tornadoes in Oklahoma, Missouri and the Midwest, storms in the Southeast, wildfires in California & Florida, and earthquakes in China, not to mention the everyday needs in our own communities.

Orson from EDSBS and I are asking you to show your school spirit and help those in need today by making a donation to the American Red Cross, CARE, or the International Rescue Committee.

In turn, we'll rank the total donation by school and display it this week at Fanblogs and Every Day Should Be Saturday. The winning school will have its colors displayed at EDSBS and logo/mascot shown on every page at Fanblogs.

The particulars:

1) Make a donation online to the American Red Cross, CARE, or the International Rescue Committee.

2) Email the donation confirmation to and state your team affiliation by 8pm EDT on Wednesday, May 14th.

3) Results will be displayed at Every Day Should Be Saturday and Fanblogs throughout the week, with the final results shown by Thursday, May 15th.

4) The winning school will have its colors displayed at EDSBS and logo/mascot shown on every page at Fanblogs.

So You Think You Can QB?

Off-season required reading here. A 106-page opus on quarterbacking apparently given to Maryland QBs in past seasons. It includes basic duties and expectations placed on the position. It also contains sample naming conventions for defensive fronts, secondary alignments, and other key concepts. It even has a short quiz and some material for a Q&A session with the coach and players.

Read this before you're quick to criticze Joe Ganz or to call for the #2 guy following a poor performance.

QB Training Manual

Here's just a sample of what's included inside:


A. Why read defenses?

B. What QB looks for once he breaks the huddle
1. Play clock
2. Free safety
3. Strong safety
4. Front

C. How to identify fronts
1. 50 Defense – LB over OG
2. 60 Defense – No playside LB
3. 70 Defense – 3 Man side LB over OT
4. 80 Defense – 4 Man side
5. 90 Defense – 3 Man side LB stacked over OG or aligned in “A” Gap
6. Stack Defense – LB slide towards TE
7. Solid – Defense – Center and both OG
8. Bear Defense – LB Secondary aligned over TE and a rush defender outside.
9. +(Plus) – Nose shades to the TE or strong side.
10.- (Minus) – Nose shades to the TE or strong side.
11. Wide – OT uncovered by Down Lineman
12. Tight – OT and OG covered by Down Linemen

via USC Trojan Football Analysis

Friday, May 09, 2008

Bill Callahan Unplugged

If you do not live in Nebraska, chances are you have never heard a 'Bill Callahan' interview on local radio station 1620TheZone. Not only is this Saturday Night Live material, it's better. Prepare yourself for the best 6 minutes of your life.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Greatest Huskers By Number

This is the beginning of a weekly, tedious segment on the best by number Nebraska football has produced. By all means, feel free to contact any of us with ideas. It’s going to 99 five times every seven days. This is only the first five. If those numbers doesn’t confuse you, maybe this will.

#1: Dale Klein.
We cannot drop Lawrence Phillips here as he was such a colossal disaster and was last seen in this picture here on the streets of Grand Island. Phillips could have been the best running back ever to play college football if he wanted to. His contribution to Nebraska only gave us a tarnished image and whether he was here or not, we still would have the same amount of championships. In 1985, Klein was 38/38 on extra points and 13/20 on field goals. However, on one glorious day in October vs. Missouri, Klein converted 7 field goals in a 28-21 win. That, by the way, is still an NCAA Division 1 record for field goals made and points (22) scored by kicking.

#2: Von Sheppard. Sheppard, who reportedly had over 100 scholarship offers out of high school, finished his injury plagued career with 344 yards and 4 touchdowns rushing and 354 yards and 3 touchdowns receiving. As a sophomore, he led the Big 8 in yards/reception. Von was probably most known for his long jumping skills that almost qualified him for the 1988 Olympics. When that failed he played football in Europe and rushed for 3200 yards in two seasons and scored 5 touchdowns in the 1989 championship game. Mickey Joseph failed to make the cut here.

#3: Eric Warfield. It’s hard to imagine that he was a 7th round draft pick. Keyou Craver, the other #3 that is debatable, was a 2nd round draft pick and an All-American at Nebraska. However, Warfield played on several championship teams, blocked 3 kicks, and had 5 interceptions. If not for T.O., we could have witnessed that he was the best basketball player on campus at his time (ask Tyronne Lue).

#4: DeAngelo Evans. Words cannot describe how he fell from the best recruit we might have ever landed to such a disappointment. In high school in Kansas, the 5’9 back had comparisions to Barry Sanders and rightfully so as he broke virtually all of his records. His freshman year in 1996, where he was third string behind Ahman Green and Damon Benning, he put up 776 yards and 14 touchdowns. Osteitis pubis, probably the most damaging injury a football player can get that almost always requires surgery (and a minimum of one year rehab), more or less ruined him at the beginning of his sophomore year. Mel Kiper still had love even if it was 3 years after his Nebraska experience.

#5: Dejuan Groce. Looking back, this might be one of the most under appreciated players that I can remember. In 2002, he averaged 17 yards/punt return and had 4 Touchdowns. He currently is tied for the NCAA record of having 2 punt returns for TDs in the same game vs. Troy State. Against Texas in 2002, in a game where we were a heavy underdog at home, Groce had 15 tackles (12 solo) and set up what could have been the go ahead touchdown with a 44 yard punt return. Also, in the 2002 Rose Bowl against Miami, he was our ONLY highlight of the day when he returned a punt 71 yards for a TD (against Kirk Herbstreit’s best team of all time).

#5 Honorable Mention: Jessica Gysin. Although she has to share the #5 spot with Groce, she does play volleyball at USC, she does beach volleyball in her free time, and she claims to be an outside hitter. We like all three of those.

All signs point to yes.

Spring Game Highlights in Three Parts

God, I love YouTube. This is really the first time I’ve gotten to sit down and watch these highlights via the Bo Pelini Show. Enjoy.

Part I

Part II

Part III

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Glory Years. 2nd Edition.

This video is more or less a rehash of 'The Glory Years' article we have put up here several times before, but this one comes with some new goodies. A new thing here is that we see the likes of ESPN's Gameday crew, including Lee Corso and Chris Fowler. Noticeably missing, however, is Kirk Herbstreit.

Oh wait, that's right, Kirk HATES Nebraska.

Seeing that hatred he and other fanbases have for Nebraska still gives me chills. Damn, we must have been good.

APR Results Are In

The newest APR results have been released by the NCAA. You might remember that the APR is tabulated each academic year, and is based on the eligibility, retention and graduation of each of a school’s scholarship athletes. An APR of 925 supposedly projects to an NCAA Graduation Success Rate of approximately 60 percent. Teams that score below 925 and have a student leave school academically ineligible can then lose up to 10 percent of their scholarships.

Here is how Big 12 football teams shake out in terms of APR:

Oklahoma: 942
Texas: 942
Nebraska: 941
Missouri: 939
Baylor: 938
Kansas State: 935
Oklahoma State: 935
Texas A&M: 932
Colorado: 929
Texas Tech: 928
Iowa State: 927
Kansas: 919

Great so OU and UT dominate the conference in this too? That makes me want to rip their nuts off.

Kansas is the only Big 12 football team in APR hot water and will lose two scholarships for its score. Washington State is the only other BCS program to receive a penalty and the Cougars will lose eight scholarships after scoring an abysmal 916.

It is also important to note that Bo Pelini’s contract includes incentives based upon Nebraska’s future APR results.
Pelini would be paid $125,000 if the program's graduation rate is equal to or greater than that of the general student body. Pelini also can earn bonuses based on the program's Academic Performance Rating, which the NCAA uses to measure athletes' progress toward graduation.

Athletic director Tom Osborne said he expects an academic bonus payment to Pelini to be “fairly automatic” each year.

Pelini, an academic All-American at Ohio State in the late 1980s, was widely reported to have walked around the Nebraska campus on the first day of the spring semester to make sure players were attending classes.

“He values education, and I think he and I both agree that's part of the job,” Osborne said. “If that clause wasn't in there, I don't think it would make a bit of difference in how Bo does his business.”
As someone who teaches an undergraduate course (ditto for Dr. D), I'm extremely interested in the academic life of student-athletes. I love that the NCAA is attempting to do something to get things in check, although the argument could be made that they're going about it in the wrong manner. I'm also pleased that we have a head coach and an athletic director that value academics and will continue the fine tradition of turning out student-athletes in Lincoln.

Incidentally, why doesn't have something up about this?

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

2007 Linebacker Performance

I hate to dwell too much on the 2007 season, but I have the data and feel I might as well not ignore it. Today, I give you my assessment of the play of the linebackers using a multitude of statistics only available via a closer look at play-by-play data from the previous season.

First off, let’s not forget the accolades that were thrust upon the Husker linebacker corps heading into the season. The unit was ranked by one site as the 7th best linebacking unit in the country.
“It's more of a star-studded corps than it might get credit for on a national level. Bo Ruud and Corey McKeon will get all-star honors, while Steve Octavien has top 100 draft pick potential. As good as everyone is, there has to be more forced turnovers and more big plays against the run. Those will come.”
The turnovers and big plays against the run never came. In fact, the linebackers looked downright helpless against the run and certainly never met the expectations of any of us in 2007.

Now let's take a look at the actual numbers. For my analysis, I went a step beyond what you'll generally find in the boxscore or final statistics. I have included a set of statistics utilized by the guys at Football Outsiders in their work with the NFL. They employ a couple of interesting variables to examine the play of defensive players.

The first two are explained here:

Plays: Defined as the total defensive plays made, including tackles, pass deflections, interceptions, fumbles forced and fumble recoveries. These numbers come from official play-by-play reports and DOES NOT include special teams tackles or statistics.

TmPct: Refers to the percentage of team plays involving this defender. The sum of the percentages of team plays for all defenders on a given team will exceed 100%, primarily due to shared tackles. And here is a chart indicating the performance of Nebraska's linebackers on these two statistics. This is the type of analysis that can only be found at DXP.

Defensive Plays

Player TacklesPasses Def.INTsFFFR Plays TmPct
Steve Octavien863000 899.89
Corey McKeon7026101 78 8.67
Bo Ruud503210 566.22
Lance Brandenburgh490000 495.44
Phillip Dillard372000 394.33
Tyler Wortman70000 70.78
Major Culbert60000 60.67
Nick Covey50000 50.56
Latravis Washington30000 30.33
Blake Lawrence20000 20.22

You immediately notice that Steve Octavien was our most valuable linebacker in 2007. His 86 tackles puts him way out in front in terms of Plays. Behind him, we see the much maligned Corey McKeon putting up some decent numbers. Unfortunately, there isn’t a variable for missed plays, and let’s just note that it was McKeon’s six pass deflections that help make his numbers respectable. After the top two we see quite a drop-off with Bo Ruud and Lance Brandenburgh putting up similar numbers with quite a discrepancy in playing time. That’s why Brandenburgh became a crowd favorite, and also why his wasted redshirt in 2004 stings so much this year. Phillip Dillard is the best of the linebackers who will return in 2008. But note the efforts of Tyler Wortman, perhaps his ascension to a starting role this spring isn’t that surprising given his placement in this list.

The next three statistics take into account situational variables and determine a defensive player's ability to keep teams from moving the chains.

Stops: The total number of plays made by a defender that prevent a "success" by the offense. A successful play occurs when the offense obtains 45% of needed yards on first down, 60% on second down, 100% on third or fourth down. Therefore, a stop prevents one of these successes from occurring.

Defeats: The total number of plays made by a defender that stop the offense from gaining first down yardage on third or fourth down, stop the offense behind the line of scrimmage, or result in a fumble (regardless of which team recovers) or interception.

Stop Rate: Refers to the percentage of all of a defenders Plays that are Stops.

Stops and Defeats

Player StopsDefeatsStop Rate
Steve Octavien351639%
Corey McKeon341144%
Bo Ruud17930%
Lance Brandenburgh17135%
Phillip Dillard17344%
Tyler Wortman3243%
Major Culbert2033%
Nick Covey2240%
Blake Lawrence1050%
Latravis Washington000%

The order of the players is essentially the same as those from the Plays category. Octavien leads the way in both Stops and Defeats further highlighting his status as our most impressive linebacker a year ago. I like the Stop Rate variable as it seems to be indicative of a linebacker’s ability to make plays when the offense is looking to move the chains. Toward that end, McKeon and Dillard stood out in 2007. I’m happy to see Dillard there, and expect him to continue that trend next season. You’ll also notice the success that Wortman again had those his sample size is relatively small.

The final area to examine are the linebacker’s sack numbers from 2007.


Player Sacks
Steve Octavien 2
Corey McKeon 1

Again the complete dearth of sacks is troubling. Three sacks from a senior-laden linebacking corps is downright disgusting. When you look at the percentage of sacks the LBs accounted for, you find they combined for 3/13 (or 23%)of the team's total sacks. That was actually an increase from the 17% of total sacks they accounted for in 2006. The percentage of a team's sacks that are accounted for by linebackers or DBs can be used as a crude measure of a team's blitz tendencies. At LSU in 2007, Bo Pelini's LBs and secondary accounted for 12.5 of the team's 37 sacks (33.8%). In 2003 at Nebraska the LBs and DBs accounted for 19 of the team's 27 sacks (70.4%). That linebacking corps alone led by Demarrio Williams accounted for 55% of Nebraska's sacks. So, in other words, we should see the LBs sack totals increase in 2008.

2008 Outlook

Unlike the front four, Nebraska will be replacing starters at all three linebacker positions. That being said, most everyone expects an upgrade over the 2007 unit. Phillip Dillard should anchor the corps from his MLB spot. He’s lost some weight, which is huge., especially if Pelini plans on utilizing much Cover-2 in 2008. In that coverage scheme Dillard will be counted on to cover a lot of ground. At the conclusion of spring practices Tyler Wortman and Cody Glenn were your starters at the two OLB spots. After digging through these statistics, Wortman seems like less of a surprise, but it will interesting to see if he can hold off challenges from Blake Lawrence or Latravis Washington. Cody Glenn is intriguing. While it’s a bit troubling that he climbed the depth chart so quickly, it appears he will contribute at some level in 2008. Overall, I expect a vast change in the style of linebacking that we see next season. Pelini’s backers are always active and make offensive linemen work to account for their presence of every single play. We should see far fewer plays where all three linebackers wind up on their backsides, or tangled up with blockers at the point of attack. Pelini will also turn the guys loose blitzing regardless of the down and distance.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Sign of the Apocalypse - Not Legal Tender Edition

Jesus, are we trying to be the laughing stock of college football? While schools like Alabama also have their share of loony fans, I imagine these coins will be filling stockings from Ainsworth to Yutan come Christmas.

You'd think we'd learn at some point.

Whenever I see these things I immediately think of those guys who sell collectibles on late night TV. And that of course reminds me of this all-time great blooper.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Friday Afternoon Delight

The only thing Casey Connelly and DXP agree on nowadays is that we both never needed Sam Keller.

Warning!! NSFW

Thanks to you can see that Casey is thinking how to help us out. Here she is logged onto DXP worrying about us and I told her don't be shy, just be yourself.

I told her bikini tops are good...

But, we need more, more skin baby (she unwillingly obliged)...

That's T. Rose wearing the rental suit, flashing fake business cards, and groping the blonde in the background...

This is why...

I can't hate Callahan that much. He did, after all, bring us Casey. And Casey, after all, did bring us a better Friday.

(Editor's Note: Go to the barstool link above for pure, pure sweet nakedness)