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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Take The Double Extra Points: Early Bird Edition

It's never too early for college football gambling. Never. Vegas Insider has released their point spreads for the first weekend of the year and here are a few that might interest you. Of course T.Rose, Dr. D, Jeffie, A.Rose, and I will be doing "Take The Double Extra Points" here again and of course you can count on in-depth analysis (for all of us nerds) with smoking hot college girls (for all of us perverts) each week.

Point spreads of interest:

W. Michigan
Nebraska -14.0

Wake Forest -10.5

Oklahoma St. -6.0
Washington St

Missouri -7.5

Texas -26.0

Florida Intl
Kansas -37.0

North Texas
Kansas State -25.0

Colorado -12.0
Colorado State

Arkansas State
Texas AM -21.0

Clemson -5.0

So. Cal -17.0

Tennessee OFF

Overall, there's not much excitement in the first week this season. But any football is better than watching 'TITLETOWN' on ESPN. If you're wondering why Nebraska is only a 14 point favorite, Tim Hiller, Western Michigan's QB, returns to the starting roll after throwing for 3,021 yards, 20 TDs, and a 63.4% completion percentage. In the spring game, WMU's first string defense pitched a shutout. Watch out (Ball State?). I can't ever remember a time when I ever would have imagined we would be a 14 point favorite over Western Michigan at home. I do remember days when the 1st quarter spread was 14 for us against teams like Oklahoma. That gives you an idea of where Bo Pelini is starting from. Square One.

From the above spreads, I'll pick USC, Alabama, Kansas, and Wake Forest.

From the below spreads, I'll pick her, her, her, her, her, her, and her.