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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Fan Appreciation Day: Katy and Nikki

Since football season is rapidly approaching, I figured I better get going on the Fan Appreciation Weekly so it's now called Day instead of Weekly. If you'll recall we have White Owl, James W. Conradt, and Zach Hample who have all graced this list.

It's time to move a little closer to home. Here are two Nebraska fans from a bar called Fat Face Fenner's in Hermosa Beach, CA. It's kind of ironic because when I and a few friends were at that bar during the USC - Nebraska weekend, not only do I not remember a minute of it, but I'm pretty sure we can't go back - ever. At least I'll have this video to hold on to.

The producer of this video is aspiring film maker Ike Stranathan (a KU almun) who actually sent DXP this video the week after Nebraska gave up a measly 76 points to Kansas. Although it's been posted on DXP before, it's worthy again. The first girl on the video is Katy. Katy is actually a Nebraska alumn who I specifically remember (from the fraternity days) used to swim laps in our punch bowl during parties. Nonetheless, she's still a true fan and still likes to tip a few (or maybe more) drinks back once in awhile. The second girl is Nikki. The purpose Nikki serves is obvious here. Even if we give up 76 to Kansas, she still can keep our spirits up in her own special way.

(Warning! It's a close NSFW?? There are word and cleavage problems here.)

Bartender! Excuse me, but I am going to need 10 of what she is drinking and an hours worth of those motor boat things.

You know Nebraska fans are great when in California a KU alumn, who is an aspiring producer, decides to shoot a movie about you DURING a KU game. If you are embarrassed by the actions of these young ladies, don't be.

Just remind yourself you could always be a Missouri Tiger football fan...

Someone call security please.