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Monday, July 14, 2008

Bad Day For Packer Fans

What a day. Two things here. This is off the wall, but worth mentioning.

Not only is Brett Favre squeezing on the balls of the entire Green Bay Packers organization, but apparently the fans are joining in. A crowd of 100 outside of Lambeau yesterday was chanting "Favre for President", "Favre Forever", and "We want Brett".

(Hey lady with the kid. Scoot back behind the line. I repeat, scoot back or you will be shot.)

You retired Brett. Remember that? Leave Aaron Rodgers alone. Everybody knew you were going to pull this 'Diva' thing. Do the right thing and sit out a year and let Aaron Rodgers have a chance. You've made it a no win situation for everybody here. Then again, I hate the Packers so I guess I should be saying carry on.

Secondly, CBS is downsizing. Billy Packer is the first victim. I can now start watching college basketball without listening to Billy declare games are over in the first half of the first half. Clark Kellogg has replaced Billy after 34 consecutive Final Fours and fans are rejoicing. College basketball on CBS is watchable again even if Erin Andrews works for ABC and ESPN.

Billy, you should call Jim Rose. I heard he's got some hot leads.