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Friday, July 25, 2008

"A Husker To The Bone"

Ironically born in Oklahoma, Husker fan Billy Egr soon moved to Nebraska and resided in both Omaha and Lincoln as an entertainer and disk jockey. Bill recently left for Nashville, TN to start a country music career and would also find a life in the ministry. He has just released a song entilted "A Husker To The Bone". Anyone and everyone will tell you country music is not something I enjoy - AT ALL. However, as a Nebraska fan, this will work.

To listen to his song, follow this link, go down the left side under 'tracks' and click on "A Husker To The Bone".

Since Bill is an ordained minister, he probably can't show you the cowgirls that like country music and that might or might not show up for his shows. No worries, I'll help us all out.