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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Cody Green Diamond

5* QB Cody Green has verbally committed to Nebraska. Here is his scout profile and his rivals profile. This is big for Nebraska in many different ways. Green could be that guy to get other big (4 and 5 star) recruits to take notice. In order to get those recruits, it is always crucial to get the first big one (especially a QB) and Bo did that. Also, it is assuring to know that we haven't fallen completely off the map in the eyes of some of the top high school football players. Getting players of this magnitude this early is a great first step. Time will tell.

Green is listed at 6'4 and 220 lbs, and he supposedly runs the 40 at 4.6 seconds. His high school coach says 'it's like having another coach on the field' and that he has a 'cannon of an arm'. A few weeks ago he stated he had narrowed his choice to Nebraska and Texas A&M and luckily for us he chose the wiser one. I will be praying every night that he doesn't pull a Blaine Gabbert, but this kid is actually smart (3.6 GPA) and I think he will stay true to his word. In fact, he said this: “It doesn’t matter. Once I make my decision, my decision is done. I’m not going anywhere else.”

It's definitely exciting to have that first marquee recruit arriving in Lincoln under the new regime. He will be competing with Zac Lee, Kody Spano, Patrick Witt, and Jim Ebke when he steps foot on campus. This kid will get some playing time right away.

Here is the only youtube video I could find. I like the fact he wears '21' as a QB. That's cool. I also like the fact he is the biggest kid on the field.