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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Take the Double Extra Points #5

Last Week: 5-6 (45%)
Season: 25-21 (54%)

Of the 6 losses last week, we lost 3 games by less than 3 points and 1 game in OT (Ala-Georgia). However, we are confident in a big rebound and even though our usual smoking hot ladies didn’t show up at our post-game party, we managed with some scraps courtesy of Dr. D’s class orientation party. Bottom line, the show goes on even if it isn’t smoking hot ladies but rather a young lady that required the offensive line to hold her up.


TEXAS (-14.5) over Kansas State: In case you forgot, last year Texas was overly-embarrassed at K. State and cost themselves any chance for a Big 12 or National Championship after Colt McCoy got hurt. Texas was up 41-0 last week on Rice in the second quarter and is starting to look stronger and stronger. KSU QB Josh Freeman just texted me and said that he is planning on not showing up for the game because he is fat and has 2 TDs and 4 INTs this year.

NEBRASKA (-21) over Iowa State: In an ‘ideal’ situation, we would be overlooking this game as Missouri is on deck. However, this is not an ‘ideal’ situation – but in case you didn’t know, I can look into the future and this vision came to me from the upcoming Sunday Bill Callahan Show with Jim Rose. Here is what will be said:
‘No Question Jim. These young men gave a tremendous effort Saturday and I can’t say enough about their preparation and hard work this week. It was just another outstanding performance from our Offense and I was proud of the way Coz rallied the defense and showed their toughness. We don’t take what defenses give us, we take what we want.’ -Bill Callahan Iowa State post-game interview with Jim Rose this upcoming Sunday
Hawaii (-25) over IDAHO: Hawaii has beaten Idaho (1-3) by an average of 48-10 the last 3 years and Heisman candidate QB Colt Brennan is averaging 421 ypg (77% completion) with 12 TDs and 1 INT this year. Idaho’s secondary gives up a 66 completion %. You don’t even need an elementary math IQ to figure this out.

TULSA (-20.5) over UAB: UAB is off a bigger slump-buster win than anybody who has ever visited Club Patrick’s in Lincoln after beating a 1AA opponent with 5 field goals to break an 8 game losing streak. Tulsa is averaging 508 yards/game this year and runs a no-huddle offense that hung tough with Oklahoma until the 4th quarter last week. This will be ugly.

Ohio State (-23) over MINNESOTA: Ohio State won their 22nd straight regular season game last week against Northwestern where they were so dominant that NW didn’t cross the 50 until almost the 4th quarter. New QB Boeckman leads the Big 10 at QB, ‘Beanie’ Wells is avg 6 yards/carry, and their top WR Robiskie has 5 TDs and averages over 21 yards/reception – oh and their Defense is #3 in college football. Minnesota is 1-3 and has the worst pass D in the country.

VA. TECH (-18) over N. Carolina: UNC has lost 18 straight games away from the state of N. Carolina and is coming off a blowout loss at S. Florida where their offense put up an impressive 164 yards. UNC Fr. QB threw 4 INTs and was sacked 4 times in that loss. V. Tech has been less than impressive this year and actually was out first-downed by William & Mary last week in a 44-3 win. At home, the Hokie defense (#11 in the country) and special teams should cover this one up much better than Michael Vick’s advisors.


NAVY (-2.5) over Air Force: I got lit up like a Mike Vick bong taking Navy to cover against Duke last week. Navy’s defense is the key to this game as they are giving up almost 300 yards per game through the air, which ranks near the bottom of the NCAA, but just 150 yards per game on the ground. Meanwhile Air Force averages just 130 yards per game passing and both teams clearly prefer the run. This game looks a lot like last week with a weak passing team unable to capitalize on the opposing defense’s weakness. Navy will literally run away with this one.

TEXAS A&M (-16.5) over Baylor: Baylor is giving up just over 3 yards per rush and 115 yards per game, but face a huge step up in talent and competition this week facing an angry Texas A&M squad whose backup QB cost us an UNDER victory with 5 seconds left in the game last week against Miami. I’m not even sure we should count that as a loss. I mean, this isn’t the NFL, we should be having more fun predicting games and I’m just not having that much fun right now . . . sorry about that DXP readers, Cory McKeon was typing that last sentence while I was taking a leak. Where was I? Ah yes, Texas A&M taking out its frustrations on a Baylor squad that’s faced Texas St and Buffalo the past two weeks. A&M may cover by the end of the first quarter.

Kent (-1) over OHIO: Somehow Ohio is averaging 27 points per game on just 313 yards per game (98th in NCAA). They’ve done it with smoke, mirrors, and interlock systems on all team buses. This is a team that got 7 turnovers a week ago and failed to win. Meanwhile, Kent blew a 10 point lead at Akron last week while giving up the ball 4 times. I’m taking the more talented team in this game and if Kent doesn’t get at least 150 more yards of total offense, I won’t pick another game the rest of the year.

Temple (+6) over ARMY: You know you’ve hit rock-bottom when you lay down hard-earned cash on Temple. This team hasn’t won on the road since Dr. D started sneaking into sorority houses on the Indiana campus (2003 if you’re counting). However, this week they catch a very winnable road contest taking on an Army squad that averages 60 yards per game rushing, 258 yards of total offense, and a measly 13.75 points per game (116th in NCAA). Temple isn’t much better, but we’ll take the more experience squad in this one.