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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sadly Prophetic...

If you saw my answers on Boi From Troy, you might have noticed I was eerily spot on.
"I expected a fall off after replacing all four starters up front, but didn’t think Wake would exploit us the way they did. Battling injuries or not, I expect USC’s talented stable of running backs to get to the second layer of the defense all night long. I’m hoping that our linebackers and secondary actually make some tackles in the open field this week. If not it will be USC that doesn’t attempt a pass this year."
Nobody made tackles and let's be honest USC didn't need to actually throw a pass tonight. In fact, they might have kept the game closer by deciding to let Booty throw some.

I was also right about the return of the screen and shovel passes.
"Against Texas we later had success against their speed with screen and shovel passes which counteracted their pass rush. I expect a healthy dose of those on Saturday night as well."
I guess charting all those plays paid off a little.