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Monday, September 17, 2007

Tim Brown Talks About Bill Callahan

This afternoon on The Big Show with Matt Perrault, an Omaha sports radio show, Tim Brown was interviewed about Bill Callahan during their days together with the Oakland Raiders. This is a must listen.

Some Interesting Points:

· Callahan best X and O’s coach he has ever been around but not good relating to players – especially with trust.

· The Raiders could have done without a coach after Gruden left because the system was ‘already in place.’

· He really used to walk off the field during practice?

· Love how he called him a ‘different cat.’

· Interesting how Callahan did the running plays and head coach Jon Gruden did the passing plays.

· When Callahan took over as head coach in 2002, QB Rich Gannon called the plays in a no-huddle offense that lead them to the Super Bowl.

· The players went to Rich Gannon, not Callahan, if there was a problem on offense?

· During a 4 win season in 2003, Brown said he and his teammates weren’t sure if Callahan was doing his atrocious play-calling on purpose to get fired (because they all thought he and staff wanted out) or if he was that bad.

Two great signs that were seen outside the Stadium on Saturday:

Nice work, Husker fans.