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Thursday, September 06, 2007

USC Fans Seek Husker Tailgating Hospitality

I recently received an email from Scott aka Boi From Troy a fine USC blog. Scott is headed to Lincoln for the USC game with a friend and the two are looking for pregame tailgating events in Lincon.

Specifically, Scott wondered if DXP readers could help with:

1. a Nebraska Gay Alumni or Student group that does pre-game tailgates in Lincoln?


2. A tailgate for the USC - Nebraska game that would be willing to take in a Southern California blogger and his friend before the game? We won't hit on anyone.

We don't bite. In fact, we're not even toothy.
If you know about either option or want to invite Scott to swing by your tailgate leave a comment or click on my name and shoot an email through the link in my profile. I'll be sure to pass on the info to Scott.

And yes, I'm already kicking myself for not making it back for this game.