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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

BlogPoll - Sans Michigan Edition

Ok, to say I had Michigan overrated is an understatement. They are kind of like Kansas and Syracuse in my March Madness pools. I always think they look great on paper only to be disappointed when when the games are played. But I must admit watching the Wolverines go down was pretty damn amazing. I've always respected their tradition as well as their fanbase (with a few exceptions - guy in too-big UM shirt at Front Porch Pub, I'm looking at you), but their seemingly condescending attitude going into the game was definitely a tad annoying.

As for the rest of the poll, USC hangs onto #1 despite a lackluster opening. A bunch of teams move up thanks to Michigan. That group includes Florida who proved that Tim Tebow can you know, actually throw the ball. Virginia Tech and Texas fall after failing to impress me. I think both teams will be okay in the long run, but their current spots seem appropriate. After the top 10-12 teams things get a bit confusing. I don't have strong opinions on how to separate that last group. Let's say too small of a sample size so far.

I can hear your complaints now about Nebraska being too low. Maybe. Let's give it another week. I think we are MUCH improved, but need to see the same type of performance on the road before I'm all in. Is that fair?

1 Southern Cal --
2 LSU --
3 West Virginia 1
4 Oklahoma 1
5 Louisville 1
6 Florida 3
7 Ohio State 3
8 California 13
9 Penn State 3
10 Wisconsin 3
11 Texas 4
12 Oregon 2
13 Virginia Tech 5
14 Hawaii 2
15 Rutgers 11
16 Georgia 4
17 Nebraska 6
18 Arkansas 1
19 UCLA 7
20 Texas A&M 2
21 South Carolina 6
22 TCU --
23 Alabama 2
24 Missouri 5
25 Auburn 1

Dropped Out: Michigan (#3), Florida State (#11), Tennessee (#24).