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Saturday, September 01, 2007

First Half Thoughts

· I don’t know what exactly it is for sure, but the pace of the offense is different this season. I’m talking about the rhythm of the call from the sideline, to the huddle and to the LOS. I watched A TON of film from a year ago, and something is just different. Maybe better, but I’m not sure.

· How many people were freaked out by Keller’s odd throwing motion? Scott Frost flashbacks anyone?

· Marlon Lucky looks as different as he hinted he might be this season. He’s running like a load has been lifted from his shoulders. Both metaphorically and literally.

· Quentin Castille is good. He’s exactly what Cody Glenn should be. Cody’s been decimated by injuries, but still. What a great change up from Lucky.

· The offensive line is much, much improved. Lydon Murtha was opening running lanes. I’ll say it again, Lydon Murtha was opening running lanes.

· The defense is faster and looks more aggressive. I could get used to that. Not as vanilla as you would expect from an opener.

· Touchbacks are awesome. Thank you Adi. Thank you improved recruiting.

· Please God keep Steve Octavien healthy.

· Terrence Nunn owes Sam Keller two Bud Lights for his drops. One more and Sam gets to nail Terrence’s girlfriend. It’s only fair.

· Dan Fouts is terrible. I’ve heard assholes at local watering holes add more to a broadcast.

· How about lining Suh up at fullback at the goal line?

· What happened to all of the shovel passes and screens? Maybe we’re saving them, but they are my favorite plays in the playbook.

· Keller is definitely not gun-shy. That will make me extremely nervous come October.

· Ok, I’m gonna check out the stats. Let’s sit back and enjoy the second half. Don’t let up.