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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Post Game Thoughts: Not Shocked, Not Satisfied

· I liked Callahan’s gameplan early. The ball just didn’t bounce our way to give us more of a chance.

· I also wanted us to go vertical to Purify early. After halftime the USC DBs were simply sitting on the short stuff. Thus the INTs.

· Note to Tierre Green, you’d stop injuring your shoulder if you got more of your body in front of the runner. If you continue to dangle it out there like a railroad crossing arm, it will get ripped off your body.

· I’m ready for a change at two of the linebacker spots. I’ll let you guess which two need to sit.

· If the upperclassmen can’t execute – why not give the younger guys some experience for next year?

· This is our worst front four EVER. I don’t know why or how I tried to convince myself otherwise.

· Am I the only one frustrated by our backs and receivers? Stop juking and jiving when you’re out in space and get up field.

· If Mike Brown retires, can we please, please get him to come tutor our safeties in the off-season?

· Don’t look now, but Stafon Johnson just found another huge hole in the middle of our defense.

· We are a long, long ways from being a Top 10 team. My optimism took a big hit today. USC’s 2nd and 3rd stringers are better than our starters.

· Todd Peterson can play for my team anytime.

· We need a running game to win the Big 12 North. The pipeline looks too leaky to have that happen.

· Overall, I’m ready to move on, and really nothing has changed from what I wrote here.