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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Second Half Thoughts

· Delay of game penalties on first down after a change of possession are unacceptable.

· Andy Sand is your fullback. Give that guy a hand for some great lead blocking and a nice catch out of the backfield.

· The bunch formation toss sweep is back. We ran that a ton on 3rd and 3 or 4 a year ago. The idea is that you leave it up to the I-Back to get outside and pick up the yardage on his own. I guess it can continue to grow on me.

· Holy crap a long field goal!!!! Adi-matic.

· Murillo was picked on quite a bit today. I noticed he got turned around pretty good on one play, but this offensive system is tough on the DBs with all of the misdirection and fakes.

· Minor heart attack when ABC cut to coverage of Wake-BC. Thank God for ESPN Gameplan, which meant I had the Nebraska game available on another channel.

· Joey Ganz on the option!! Looked like Matt Turman out there.

· Wow, Major Culbert with a great first carry and TD as a Husker. He’ll remember that for a while. Defense would seem so boring to him now. Quite the team player, he probably deserves more carries.

· Just checked Nevada’s third down efficiency – 1/11. That will absolutely kill a team. That will also pad the Blackshirts’ stats in this category for the year.

· Where is Helu? I thought he might get some carries today.

· I love seeing all of the young guys getting playing time. Getting young players playing time in blowouts was a major reason Nebraska just reloaded in the 90s.

· I haven’t mentioned pass protection. That’s a really good sign. Keller had all day to throw.

· Where do we belong in the rankings? Do we pass up Michigan as they fall?

· Geez, there goes Helu right on cue. Can anyone seriously argue that the talent hasn’t been upgraded?

· Final thought, I haven’t felt this good following an early game in a long, long time.