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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Whoa...Welcome to Big 12 Play

These are some of my immediate reactions to tonight's game. I'm happy we pulled out the win and experience in close games is always nice to have. As always, there is much more to come.

· Overall, Nebraska appears to have a low frustration tolerance. When a negative event occurs, we allow it to snowball and turn into more mistakes. This lack of resiliency will lead to losses.

· Zac Taylor might be a head case. After a quick start against KU, he seemingly lost his rhythm. Over the last two years, he has not shown the ability to regain his composure and recreate momentum after these lapses.

· Defensivly we lack speed. When it looks like you are playing with 10 guys, speed is always to blame. Ask McBride and Darlington circa 1985-1992.

· I’m ready to pronounce Maurice Purify a star. He catches everything and looks like receivers are supposed to look. By the way, where was Nate Swift? (edit: this was written early in the fourth quarter)

· Cortney Grixby’s biggest weakness is not his height. It is his inability to get in the proper position as the ball is in the air…oh, and his safety help (or lack there of).

· Did anyone else think Callahan’s playcalling got a little cutesy when we had a 14-point lead?

· Our defensive front four is the most overrated unit in the Big 12. Period.

· Andre Jones is steadily improving. Please note that it takes a cornerback 4-8 games in our system to become the least bit comfortable before anointing our next CB recruit an immediate impact player.

· Brandon Jackson looked good tonight and Cody Glenn still runs over people…and fumbles. Marlon Lucky looked a lot he did in 2005. If the hole isn’t both obvious and immediate, he isn’t going to find it. He also goes down on first contact way too frequently.

· Our offensive line remains suspect. And by suspect, I mean horrid. Why can’t we fix this?

· If you regret buying that Harrison Beck #3 jersey, hang on to it. Ricky Thenarse is going to be a star. He is animal on kickoff coverage. It would be nice to see that type of aggressiveness in the secondary.

· So we wait until OT to blitz? That is just good gameplanning. You have to save something in case you need it to win at the end.