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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Post Game Report

I don’t have a lot of insight or analysis to offer on the Kansas State game. I couldn’t get the pay-per-view and did not make it out to the Houston watch site. This meant I was forced to rely on the radio broadcast – so in other words, I had no idea what was going on.

Overall, I am more than pleased to come out of Manhattan with a pretty resounding victory. Offensively we stuck with the running game and once again managed to keep the defense off the field. Throw in a fake field goal for a TD and a long run by Marlon Lucky and you have the makings of a Big 12 North road win. Defensively we snuffed out any attempts by KSU to run the ball and they quickly became one-dimensional. That is a sound strategy when facing a true freshman QB making just his second career start. Freeman is going to be a good one (if the Wildcats can protect him), but he never strung enough quality plays together last night to mount much of a threat.

Random tidbits from Saturday:

· Is it just me or has CFB gone trick-play crazy? There were two in our game and several big ones last week in the SEC. I’m thinking the old statue of liberty play can’t be too far off.

· When Bob Stoops stated his offense would rely heavily on Adrian Peterson following the Rhett Bomar fiasco, many wondered if AD could stay healthy carrying that type of load. The answer was no, but it was an unfortunate injury nonetheless.

· I went to a bar to catch the end of some of the later games Saturday night. It was there that I proceeded to make probably the most idiotic observation of my life. Late in the fourth quarter with Auburn’s defense on the field, the camera panned to the raucous home crowd. I turned to the guy next me and said, “that place is crazy loud!” I should have expected the look of confusion I got in response, given that there was no sound coming from the bar’s big screen TV. In my defense, they certainly “looked” loud.

· Finally, you no doubt saw the fight in the Miami – FIU game. How bad, however, were the comments by former Cane Lamar Thomas, who was providing the color for the broadcast? “You come into our house, you should get your behind kicked…You can’t come into our place talking that noise!” You sir, are everything that is wrong the “U”.