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Friday, October 13, 2006

Weekly Roundup

So tomorrow night Nebraska continues its “Restore the Order” (are we sick of that yet?) tour with a date in Manhattan, Kansas. The game has numerous storylines, but none bigger than facing former verbal commitment Josh Freeman. The Blackshirts have to be fired up about that…right?

"It's just like any other quarterback," said senior defensive end Jay Moore. "I'm not worried about it. A guy's going to go where he wants to go, where he's at home. You can't get mad about it."
Certainly quote machine Cory McKeon would have more to say:

"I'm sure he had his reasons to go to Kansas State," McKeon said. "Coach doesn't even talk about it. And I'm sure (Freeman) has enough on his plate to worry about, too. The Blackshirts are coming after him. I'm sure it's more on his mind than it is in ours. We're licking our chops, but the reason we're licking our chops is because he's a freshman, starting his second game, he's completed 40 percent of his passes. That's why we want to get vicious with him."
Well, I guess that will have to do.

Nebraska also raked in its 13th commitment for the 2007 recruiting class. Blake Lawrence of Overland Park, Kansas chose the Huskers over KU. Lawrence is a 6’3” 205-pound linebacker who is expected to play the WILL spot at Nebraska. slots Lawrence as a four-star prospect and ranks him as the No. 15 outside linebacker recruit in the country.

In Double Extra Point news:

· The blog enjoyed a midweek spike in traffic as yours truly was named “Mr. Numb Existence” for my BlogPoll vote. This award goes to the person with the ballot that is most similar to the poll at large. I guess I should thank all of the little people who made this possible. Anyway you can check out the rest of the weekly BlogPoll write up here, which includes other awards, such as the dreaded Coulter/Krugman Award for homerism.

· In addition, the site had its 5000th visitor on Thursday. The lucky individual was located in Cincinnati and stumbled across DXP through a Google search for Kate McEwan. I’m guessing news of LP’s sentencing is responsible for that. I suppose it is fitting and further proof that Nebraska fans will never escape the legacy of Lawrence Phillips.

Elsewhere in the college football blogosphere:

· Rocky Top Talk busts out an animated race for the BCS Championship. The Huskers have not yet joined the field, but feel free to cheer for your second favorite team.

· Sunday Morning QB discusses Florida’s old school stylings. And he’s not talking about their uniforms against Alabama.

· The House that Rock Built has videos of the recent run of trick plays in the SEC. Vern Lundquist was about 2 seconds away from giving Urban Meyer a reach-around after the “jump pass”.

·And lastly “What the Fungus?” – Thanks Deadspin!