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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Iowa State Ramblings

Well, going into tonight’s game I didn’t think we would come away with two-touchdown victory. Given that only a late TD kept it from being a 21-point win, I am quite pleased. The offensive line looked great and we finished with 250 yards rushing and two backs over the century mark. There were certainly some negatives, but that makes the big win on the road all the more impressive in my eyes. Anyway, here are some quick hits about the game.

· I’ve been hearing from some close to the program for the better part of a year, that Brandon Jackson might be the best back on the roster. He looked the part tonight. B-Jax shows great patience and utilizes well-timed cutbacks.

· Our two-minute offense is a juggernaut. I wish we had that kind of rhythm in our regular drives.

· Does anyone else think we could be successful throwing the long jump ball to Purify on every play?

· With T.O. on the sidelines sticking with the run was viewed as “smashmouth football” and was thought to “wear teams down”. When Callahan calls a run-heavy game it is seen as “too conservative”, “playing not to lose” or “lacking in killer instinct”.

· You get a lead and you run the ball. It grinds the clock down and keeps your defense off the field. Callahan has as much confidence in the defense as I do, which is very little. His game plans are designed to protect the team’s weakness. Isn’t this a good thing?

· I’m officially over the wide pitch play on 3rd and 5. I’m pretty sure its early success was due to its novelty. Calling it every time that situation arises is the exact opposite of novel.

· When was the last time our offensive line controlled the line scrimmage like this against a Big 12 opponent?

· My biggest concern at the start of the season was the safety position. The performances of Green and Shanle have done little to lessen this concern. They take poor angles at ballcarriers, miss an awful lot of tackles and don’t make any plays on balls in the air. Can they improve in the second half of the season?