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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I'm over it, I swear...

I thought I was done with Texas, but I guess not. God Bless YouTube. Some upstart company poised for world domination should really take note and think of buying that site up. Anyway, here are the major highlights of Saturday’s contest in compressed digital form.

First we have Maurice Purify’s 63-yard scoring strike. Taylor never so much as peaked at another receiver on the play and Purify was anything but wide open. I don’t know, perhaps that makes it all the more impressive.

Next, is the shovel pass to BJax, complete with horrendous ABC cut away to his brother in the crowd in the middle of the play.

Last, and certainly not least is “98 Bronco”, which for 4 minutes 31 seconds was poised to replace “41 Black Flash” as Nebraska’s most famous play of the last decade.

This one is just for Dr. D – Here is the Longhorn contingent bellowing “The Eyes of Texas” after the game in our house.

And in case you missed it, SMQ takes a shot at the complexity of Callahan’s offensive shifts and motion.

“A couple of schematic issues with both of these teams: one is the absurd complexity of Bill Callahan's playbook, which is like a parody of a playbook, with incomprehensible commands from another dimension, and the crazy motion that never seems to lead to a mismatch or even confusion from the defense, which pretty much just watches like Indiana Jones before he unceremoniously shoots the psyched-up sword-wielding turban guy in the market in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Look, over here! A fullback - in the slot! No - whoosh! - he actually is a fullback! Gotcha! This is complexity for the sake of complexity and not worth much.”
Like I mentioned, I'm buried this week under an avalanche of undergraduate student papers. I'm going to try and kick out an OSU preview if I find time. Give me some feedback - does anybody read them or find them worthwhile? I like doing them, but they certainly take some efforting on my part.