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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Sammy Vegas - NFL "N"sider #7

I know you have heard about it, but in case you have not seen what Tennessee Titan DB Albert Haynesworth did to Dallas Cowboy center Andre Gurode, here you go:

In college intramural football, that would get you a high five from your teammates and a laugh from the other team. In the National Football League, that will get you a record 5-game suspension (for an on-the-field incident) and a hefty fine of an unknown amount, while also embarrassing your teammates and organization. As you can see by his interview, I truly believe he is sorry and regrets what has happened. Because of this, he will forever be labeled as a dirty player (who is going to be abused in every game until the end of his career) and a bad man. From what his friends and teammates say, this is completely the opposite of who he really is. However, let’s put into context of what he did in comparison to other sports. In baseball, it was Juan Marichal taking a bat to the head of catcher John Roseboro. In hockey, it was Todd Bartuzzi taking his stick to the face of Marty McSorley. In golf, it is playing a round with Bob Barker.

Anyways, here is how your Huskers fared last week in the NFL:

Josh Brown (K): Brown and his fellow Seattle Seahawks were throttled on Sunday by the mighty Bears 37-6. Josh scored the only points for the Seahawks by connecting on 2/2 field goals with a long of 24 yards.

Mike Brown (S): As one of the Chicago Bears’ defensive leaders, Brown and Co. lead the 4-0 Bears to a 37-6 win over the Shaun Alexanderless Seahawks. Brown recorded 4 tackles with 1 assist, and after a dominating win over last year’s Super Bowl runner-ups, Chicago is ready for a Super Bowl run. The only thing they lack is the once in a lifetime persona that 1985 Bears possessed.

Ralph Brown (CB): Congratulations to Ralph and the Cleveland Browns as they removed themselves from the ranks of the winless teams. However, the NFL is still investigating whether their 24-21 win over the Oakland Raiders actually counts as a win. After accumulating 1 tackle and a victory against Div. 1-AA Oakland, a congrats is in order.

Correll Buckhalter (RB): At times, Correll looked sharp for the Philadelphia Eagles on MNF in a 31-9 win over the Packers. In his first start in years, he garnered 49 rushing yards and 39 receiving yards. However, it was his 2 fumbles near the goal line that brought back haunting memories of NU-Texas ’99, where Buckhalter dropped the ball on the one yard line to set up the game winning drive for the Longhorns.

Daniel Bullocks (S): Bullocks once again was shining for 0-4 Lions as he recorded 6 tackles and 2 assists. However, his defense allowed 41 points to St. Louis Rams in the teams’ loss, but as the great Roy Williams put it recently, who cares about the score?

Josh Bullocks (S): The surprising Saints fell to 3-1 this weekend on the road against the Carolina Panthers. With only 3 tackles and 1 assist, Bullocks provided some support in a tough fought 18-21 loss.

Scott Shanle (LB): On the other hand, Shanle was able to provide a little more support for the Saints in their loss. He added 4 tackles, 1 assist, and 1 sack on Panthers QB Jake Delhomme . I have to admit that Shanle continues to amaze me and I’m sure other NU fans with his solid NFL career up to this point.

Ahman Green (RB): After 20 minutes of warming up prior to the Packers’ MNF loss to the Eagles, Green informed the coaches he would not play. Come on. I remember your sophomore year at NU where you supposedly had a ‘turf toe’ and sat out most of the year with an extra 20 pounds. More recently, you have been doing the same with Packers. Just because you don’t feel 100% doesn’t mean you need to sit this one out.

Mike Minter (S): Minter and the Panthers moved to 2-2 last week with their victory over the Saints and are now back in the NFC chase of the Chicago Bears. He added only 2 tackles, but more importantly his team has rebounded from that dreaded 0-2 start and now will soon be 3-2 after hosting the Browns next week.

Mike Rucker (DE): Adding just 1 assisted tackle for the Panthers last week and off to a very slow start this year, you have to begin to wonder whether Rucker’s career is on the decline.

Chris Kelsey (DE): Kelsey added 4 assisted tackles in a great win for his Buffalo Bills. The Bills defeated the Vikings 17-12 and more importantly, sit just one game back of the New England Patriots.

Sam Koch (P): The Baltimore Ravens were able to remain unbeaten last week with a thrilling come-from-behind 16-13 victory over the San Diego Chargers and Koch averaged 48 yards over 7 punts. With Steve McNair at quarterback, you have to think that the Ravens, and their tenacious defense, are legit Super Bowl contenders. Can you imagine the Ravens vs. the Bears in the Super Bowl? Over/unders have been set at 4.

Kyle Larson (P): Larson was sharp last Sunday when his Bengals took on the New England Patriots at home. Kyle had 6 punts for an average of 44.5 yards, but more importantly had 4 inside the 20. However, the Bengals were embarrassed at home by a score of 38-13. I still believe that this game will serve as a wake-up call and watch out for the Bengals later this season.

Barrett Ruud (LB): The Tampa Bay Buccaneers had a bye week last week. However they are 0-3 and starting QB Chris Simms recently had his spleen removed, so it is safe to say times have been better.

Kyle Vanden Bosch (DE): Kyle added 1 tackle and 3 assists for the Tennessee Titans who were destroyed by the Dallas Cowboys. The Titans are 0-4 and now appear to be under the leadership of rookie QB Vince Young. To add injury to insult, DT Albert Haynesworth was suspended 5 games after he ripped the helmet off of Dallas Cowboy C Andre Gurode and cleated his face. Gurode received approx. 25 stitches to his face.

Fabian Washington (DB): Fabian and his fellow Raider teammates gave another outstanding effort on Sunday in a heartbreaking 24-21 loss to Cleveland. Washington was able to record 4 tackles. Let the debate begin, who can the Raiders beat this year? I’ve got 4:1 odds they don’t win a game, any takers? By the way, can we thank Fabian for getting hurt last week so I don’t have to research the Raiders again next week.

Demorrio Williams (LB): Super Demorrio is back in his starting roll for the Falcons was plenty involved, contributing 7 tackles and 3 assists. Atlanta beat the once again over-hyped Arizona Cardinals 32-10 last week and improved to 3-1. Note to Matt Leinart – get out before it is too late!

Grant Wistrom (DE): Wistrom added 2 worthless tackles for the Seahawks as their team realized that this year’s road to the Super Bowl is not going to be easy. After his Seattle team lost 37-6, you have to wonder who is going to beat the Chicago Bears in January in Soldier Field.