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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Take the Double Extra Points

Last Week: 7-4 (57%)
Season: 42-36-1 (54%)

We're back, baby!!! Finally we're on the winning track and feeling confident going into the next half of the season. I guess you might have figured when you came here and found some smokin’ hot ladies doing keg stands.

Timmy Rose is on the streets of Europe this week doing more soliciting to teenage girls than R. Kelly. I texted him, and all I got back was this picture with a label saying 'take the overs.' So I guess I'm going solo, but no worries, I called in a guest handicapper.


Oregon (-11) over WASHINGTON: I’m still trying to figure this out. Oregon, coming off a 53-7 win over WSU, is averaging 45 points a game and 530 yards of offense. Washington has lost 4 straight and has major offensive struggles while giving up almost 30 a game. My man love for Oregon QB Dennis Dixon continues as he now has 1500 yards passing with 15/2 td/int, and 320 yards with 6 TDs on the ground. If this kid is playing in any other BCS conference he is a legit Heisman candidate.

Texas (-24) over BAYLOR: Baylor is back to being Baylor as after a 3-1 start, they have gotten waxed the last 3 games including last week 58-10 vs. Kansas. If you have ever seen a team own another team, this is it. In the last 4 meetings, Texas has put 63, 62, 44, and 56 points. Baylor was shut out twice. Maybe it’s the Longhorn helmet, maybe it’s the Hook ‘em horns, maybe it’s the smokin’ hot ladies that are the Texas cheerleaders – whatever, Baylor once again won’t show up.

Texas Tech (+3.5) over MIZZOU: It’s been awhile since I sprinkled in the ‘Pinkel factor’ for line value, but what the hell. Just when everyone was talking about Chase Daniel for Heisman and this is the year Mizzery finally gets to that elusive Big 12 North championship game, POOF!!! The fact is Graham Harrell, product of a system or not, has 31 TDs and 3 INTs to Daniels’ 16 and 6. The big problem is that Tech’s Defense is better which means Tech is in a shoot out, which means Tech wins. Tech is winning this year by 30 a game – and they get points here they do don’t need.

SOUTH CAROLINA (-13.5) over Vandy: Spurrier almost shit his pants after last week’s dismal 2nd half against UNC where they almost blew a big halftime lead – literally as he called his playcalling ‘conservative crap.’ Spurrier’s pissed off attitude is not good for Vandy, who is 105th in offense and who Spurrier just happens to be 15-0 vs. That’s a crap that Vandy doesn’t want to eat.

Oklahoma (-29) over IOWA STATE: Oklahoma is #5 in the BCS and is the highest ranked team with one loss – and sitting pretty. The problem for Iowa State, who was defeated 56-3 to Texas last week, is that the players from Oklahoma know that they have to win out. "We know we've got to win every week. We can't worry about what someone else is doing. We've got to worry about winning," Oklahoma running back Chris Brown said. Oklahoma has won the last two games here 84-17. Bet it, don’t watch it.


TROY (-18) over North Texas: Troy is 3-0 in conference play, 4-2 overall with only losses at Florida and at Arkansas and a win at home vs. Oklahoma State. North Texas has one win this year and has given up 79 to Oklahoma and 66 to Arkansas and are a whopping 0-9 ATS the last 9 against teams with winning records. That’s all I got.


Buffalo (+4) over SYRACUSE: Who can argue otherwise at this point Turner Gill could be coaching the rest of the season for something beyond the Buffalo Bulls? Answer: Nobody. Why not take this? Syracuse is 1-5. Buffalo, the Bulls not the Bills, are 3-4 (3-1 in conference play). Syracuse is 113th in points scored. Buffalo is 77th. Syracuse is 117th in total yards. Buffalo is 88th. Buffalo needs this game to help for bowl eligibility for the first time ever. Turner Gill needs this for confidence – and not his.