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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

DXP ESPN Pick ‘Em Update Top 20

Here is a quick update to the highly touted, highly competitive DXP Pick ‘Em contest. Don’t forget, there are great prizes to the Top 3 that include dinner with Kevin Cosgrove in which you will be let in on to his secrets about preparing a defense for a big game and exciting high school stories about how he and Callahan used to dominate the high school hallways of South Chicago (actually that’s for last place if anyone wants it – but we do have great gift certificates for Husker merchandise). With 6 weeks in the books, there are still 7 weeks left so don’t get cocky T. Rose.

1. Adam Wunderkind, Timmy Rose 98.8%
2. Sammy Vegas, S. Determan 97.8%
3. MizzouHusker, M. Goble 96.2%
4. Fish-Slapping Dance, D. Dirgo 95.4%
5. Jeffie Husker, J. Adams 94.4%
6. Thiele Entry, D. Thiele 93.4%
HiPlainsDrifter, B. Vogel 93.4%
8. TX Cornhead, J. Scheuler 91.8%
9. justmp, J. Pierce 89.9%
10. Goble Entry, J. Goble 86.2%
11. Mead, A. Mead 85.4%
12. Drey Entry, E. Drey 81.1%
13. Fear Joe Ganz, C. Wachal 77.6%
14. Mettenbrink Entry, T. Mettenbrink 72.5%
Goble Entry, B. Goble 72.5%
16. Mac Attack, J. McDannald 68.6%
Piled Higher, T. Goble 68.6%
18. Moda Entry, M. Moda 67.2%
19. Clementi Entry, J. Clementi 65.9%
20. Simba, M. Simms 57.8%

At the halfway point, it’s time to step up everyone’s game as we can’t give out the gift certificates to ourselves. However, just because we can't accept our own prizes doesn't mean we can't cash those gift certificates in for prizes like this: