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Friday, October 19, 2007

Big Red Roundtable - Back to the Future Edition

Since Jeffie was at the Hannah Montana concert, he graciously gave me the task of the Big Red Roundtable discussion. I can't do this alone, so I called Erin Andrews for advice. She wasn't happy.

Steve Pederson is out as athletic director. Did
you see it coming? Good move or bad move?

In the train wreck that is Nebraska football right now, Pederson was obviously the first that had to get decapitated. You knew it was inevitable but I didn’t see it at this time. I honestly thought the cowardly Pederson would have at least took some action to buy more time and give himself a fighting chance such as send Cosgrove to a galaxy far, far away. Obviously, as Perlman stated, this is something that has been brewing in the athletic department and cultivated last summer.

The only problem I have is where is Perlman’s fault in all of this? Didn’t he recently give Pederson an extension and then okay the extension of Billy C. last summer? Somewhere someone has to take notice and not let the guy touch athletics at all. The Board of Regents should be combing his office for his checkbook.

When you look at the timing of the move, it is questionable. Callahan is supposedly going to be coaching to the end of the season, but he knows he is a lame duck, we know that, and his players know that. Awkward. Osborne should have let Callahan and Cosgrove go on Monday with Pederson and let the assistants try to coach this team to some decency. How about Watson? How about Busch? Why not, there is nothing to lose.

Tom Osborne has returned as Pederson's interim
replacement. Good move/bad move? What should
Osborne's priorities be, and what does Osborne need to

First off, let’s take the “interim” off. Osborne is our A.D. and when he wants to leave he will – whether that is one year or 10 years from now. Osborne was the replacement at this point because he is the only one in a small world of 1.7 million Husker fanatics that can unify this debacle that is not only football, but Nebraska athletics – let me reiterate, he is the ONLY one.

Obviously his first priority isn’t going to be to evaluate the current football coaching staff (we already know the future) but to get the boosters back on board. That is on the immediate agenda and will be done. At this point, he needs to sit as his desk, run the phone bill up, regroup the alumni, enjoy the Husker buffet, and let time end this disastrous season.

The Huskers have been blown out two straight
weeks. What is happening with the football team, and
what does the rest of the season look like?

Bill Callahan is our coach. That is what is happening. This was all known before he was hired. Ask Al Davis. Ask Jerry Rice. Ask Tim Brown. More importantly, ask the Raiderettes.

Nebraska is 114th in rushing TDs allowed and gives up over 5 yards/carry. We have lost a combined 86-20 the last two games. Our players seem to quit after their first 3 and out or after giving up points. The coaching speaks for itself. With those numbers, it looks like Texas A&M’s Franchione might have bought himself one more week of ‘still on the hot seat’ just for coming to Lincoln.

The season is over. A bowl game seems very unrealistic at this point which could help speed things along as far as hiring a new coach and salvaging the recruiting season. If Callahan finds God and God gives us wins over A&M and K. State, will Osborne pull a Pederson? and are getting lots of
internet traffic. Steve Pederson is already gone. Tom
Osborne says nobody will be fired during the season.
What happens with this coaching staff? and will be looking for URLs come November 24th.
Here are some ideas:,,,,……just to name a few. Any other ideas?