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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I Don't Share in Your Enthusiasm Today...Maybe Later

You’ll have to forgive me, as the bottom seems to have fallen out on my optimism for things in Lincoln. While most are reveling in the firing of Pederson and beginning to see the sunrise on the Nebraska horizon, I forecast mostly dark skies in our near future.

I’ve defended Pederson some in the past, mostly because I fear I have a little of his arrogance in the depths of my soul. I’m not afraid to make tough and independent decisions and I’ve heard I can be tough to work for. Couple that with a love for Nebraska football and it bears at least wondering how different we might actually be.

But I’m not upset he’s leaving. It’s more about what his leaving could mean for the future of the program. We’re now everything I didn’t think we were. When I committed myself to the idea of firing a 9-3 coach, I committed myself to giving the new staff plenty of time to alter the direction of the program. Why? Because I thought it was either that or prepare to deal with the ramifications of high expectations coupled with an itchy trigger finger. I hope you’re prepared. The 3-year coaching experiment cannot and will not work in college football. You think Alabama fans imagined it playing out like this after the first time they sent one of the Bear’s successors on his way? That’s the problem, once the revolving door has been set in motion, it takes a rare find to stop it from turning.

While Steve Pederson may have started the door in motion, his firing signifies its building momentum.

More thoughts in non-narrative form:

· Most of my despair hinges on Callahan’s pending departure. But does anyone actually think he’s still here come spring?

· I get sick to my stomach when I think about the impending onslaught of “I told you so’s” coming from the anti-Pederson/anti-Callahan crowd.

· Everyone’s excited about Tom Osborne as Athletic Director. Not only was Solich his hand-picked successor, but he also recommended Pederson for the AD job. Has he suddenly become a better judge of leaders after spending time in politics of all places?

· People point to Oklahoma and compare Callahan to Howard Schnellenberger. That’s fine if we find our Stoops in the next few years. But what if it takes longer than that? Do we throw out the next AD and his coach? And then the next and his coach?

· And how is Husker Nation ever going to agree on our next coach? Right now things seem split between Paul Johnson(?), Bo Pelini and Turner Gill. At the very least, right now today, the new AD pisses off a third of his constituents. Won’t every AD be in some sense a divider, unless we have primaries and run offs for potential head coaching candidates?

· Ok, enough bitching. Just had a case of the Mondays and needed to work out the worse case scenario. This could turn out just fine and I’m aboard no matter what. But until we know more – I play pray for Nebraska.