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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

KU Week Random Musings

· Does anybody have a friend who didn’t see Bo Pelini in Lincoln last week? And on a related note, how many employees does Duncan Aviation actually have?

· The Sam Keller era is officially over. Memorable for the wrong reasons, but memorable nonetheless.

· Lance Brandenburgh’s season is also over, which might actually hurt more than the loss of Keller.

· I’m really interested to see how Joe Ganz fares. This is a great chance to for Callahan and Watson to show what kind of coaches they are. Can they design a scheme that will allow him to be successful or will they force him into the same old system a la Joe Dailey?

· Jaivorio Burkes looks like a star in the making. Did anyone besides the line judge miss Lydon Murtha’s presence on Saturday?

· If I’m KU fan this is the game I’ve been looking forward to for decades. Mark Mangino, I am giving you my permission to put 70 on the Huskers. In 1991, I got to watch Jamar Johnson hit a buzzer beater to upset the #3 ranked KU basketball team – KU fan deserves their shot on Saturday.

· Did anyone out there predict Zach Potter would lead the team in sacks and in tackles for loss? Me neither.

· Five reasons to be excited about the future:
1. Jaivorio Burkes
2. Anthony Blue
3. Roy Helu
4. Anthony West
5. Quentin Castille

· Where did Terrence Nunn go?

· Will Joe Ganz under center have a positive impact on the team’s chemistry? Don’t be surprised if the answer is yes.

· Saturday will likely be Callahan’s last chance against a Top 10 team. I fully expect us to pull this one out even after trailing at the half. Might as well knock two monkeys off his back at once as he prepares to exit stage left.

· This has officially been the strangest football season ever. And not just in Nebraska. UConn? Kansas? Stupid basketball schools stealing our thunder.