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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Where Do We Go From Here?

No, not the Huskers, I'm talking about me. It might be a slow week around here as I need to finalize my internship/residency applications. Figuring out where I want to spend next year takes precedence over a team struggling to get out of its own way.

I'll be back on the radio show tomorrow night and will link to that when it is up. There's also a chance I get my mind right and write something worth posting later in the week.

Until then here are some thoughts to ponder:

· What's happened since the Alamo Bowl win over Michigan that could account for where we are today?

· Have you ever seen a group of college-aged males look less happy or enthused as this team does come game time? Every group of guys I know is always bursting with confidence and fully expects to get laid each and every time they go out. Our team is like the guy who has resigned himself to going home alone and thus mopes all night until you’re completely miserable too. Fuck that.

· When was the last time you saw a Nebraska player make an open field tackle that didn’t involve trying to grab the ballcarrier around the shoulder pads? I’ll name my first son Ruud McKeon Adams if someone, anyone on this team takes out somebody below the waist.

· On a related note, my buddy Marc who happens to be an Ole Miss fan, says Nebraska is the worst tackling team he has ever seen. That’s a pretty sad statement coming from a Rebel fan.

· Why can’t someone in red make a play all on their own? A diving catch, making guys miss, breaking through tackles on the way to the endzone – we have none of that.

· I found it ironic that ESPN’s cutting to the two Mizzou fans with the “Salt in the Wound” gag, actually was like pouring salt in the wound at that point. Bastards.

· If the defensive scheme is so difficult to learn, why is Armando Murillo our most consistent DB?

· Care to take bets that he somehow manages to get worse the longer he spends in Lincoln?

· Our “new and improved” offensive line looks a lot like the shitty one we had a year ago. It’s no wonder, however, when you consider who they block at practice. You’ve seen our starting defensive line. Can you imagine how bad the scout team D-line is?

· I’m taking a vow to avoid using the term “Blackshirts” to describe our defense until further notice.

· I felt like a fucking Cubs fan this morning when I peeked ahead to the 2008 schedule and thought to myself, there’s always next year. No offense BLV.