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Friday, December 08, 2006


With the regular season behind us, I decided to take a look back at some of things I highlighted on the blog, that came to fruition during the season. Like most, I was wrong more than I was right, but it was interesting to look back at them nonetheless.

First from my early season I-Back analysis, I at least gave Brandon Jackson a fighting chance to see the bulk of the carries:
Brandon Jackson (Jr.): Seemingly the forgotten one amongst this group. Should be comfortable with the offense as he enters his third season in the system. Missed entire Spring while recovering from off-season shoulder surgery. Has showed at times that he is more than capable as a runner. Had extremely productive freshman year. Most forget his 390 rushing yards in 2004, which were the ninth-most ever by a Husker freshman. Has decisive running style and hits the hole hard. Many assume he starts the season fourth on the depth chart, but don’t count out his heart and desire.
As stated many times I have been disappointed by the play of our safeties. I was concerned about this, however, from the get-go. Unfortunately, I was all too correct on this one.
"Although the coaching staff is apparently not worried, my biggest question mark of fall camp is the safety position. With Tierre Green and Andrew Shanle penciled in at the top of the depth chart, it means that both safety positions will be manned by first time starters…For this season, however, I think we rely on Green and Shanle to play intelligent and consistent football. Unless they struggle making tackles in the open field or give up the big play, we probably have enough talent around them on defense to beat most of the teams on our schedule."
During Fall camp, I also had concerns about the health of Steve Octavien. At one point I made the following comment:
"Linebacker Steve Octavian also recently had surgery to remove his appendix. He was back jogging, however, at Friday’s practice. This is good news as I worried he was going to go all Lannie Hopkins on us."
Octavien has played in just 9 games over two seasons. He has a year remaining, and I really hope he avoids the Lannie Hopkins route from here on out.

After the Louisiana Tech game, I again questioned the secondary, and made one of my most unfortunate predictions.
"Cortney Grixby was being counted on to lockdown his side of the field. Unfortunately he did not look like our most seasoned DB and was turned, muscled and flat-out beaten by the Tech receivers. On the other side, Andre Jones was not tested a great deal and it is unclear whether this was by design or by chance. The safety position also still worries me. I think we can get by with mediocre safety play if and only if the front seven are dominant and the corners can keep guys in front of them. That being said, I still expect us to give up points on a weekly basis due to breakdowns in the secondary."
Following the Texas Game I said the following:
Our execution of trick plays has been perfect on the year. Why are we less sound in our execution of more fundamental aspects, such as inside-out pass protection or defending deep sideline routes?
I'm still wondering why we can't defend the deep sideline route, but OU was well aware of this weakness.

Finally, during the week leading up to the Texas game, I made my most unforgettable prediction in the comment section of this piece. This was particularly memorable given that I was in the stadium to see it live and witnessed the incredible crowd reaction.
"I'm also hoping we see a halfback pass off the infamous pitch play this week. It has to have been setting up something, right?"
Jeffie Husker | Homepage | 10.17.06 - 12:00 am