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Monday, December 04, 2006

It is Indeed a Virtue

With the ongoing CFB coaching caruosel and coming off a disappointing loss, people are going to once again start asking for heads to roll in Lincoln. I’m not sure why Cosgrove seems to be the coach de jour, given that his gameplans were actually pretty solid against the top two teams in the Big XII South. But anyway, here is a poignent parable to keep in mind from the always enlightening SportsProf:
"You have to remember one of the greatest examples in patience, both by the coach and the school. In the late 1940's, the hoops coach at Purdue was looking for a new job. The University of Minnesota had him all but signed up, but they delayed inexplicably, and a nice athletic director at a state university in California pursued the Purdue coach and offered him the men's hoops job. It wasn't that prestigious a job, there wasn't much tradition, the basketball court was an embarrassment, in an old building, and the coach sometimes had to sweep the floor, but the Purdue coach took it. Gradually he worked toward building a better program, and it wasn't until 1965 -- 15 years after this coach got to this California school, that the coach won his first national championship, when he was something like 54 years old. The coach? John Wooden. The school: UCLA. And we all know that Mr. Wooden won a bunch of titles after that."
Side note – If the state didn’t have crazy weather and football discontentment, what the fuck would Nebraskans talk about?