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Monday, December 18, 2006

College Football Blog Awards: Blogger Championship Series

I am continuing my nominations for the first annual College Football Blogger Awards.

Readers note: Nominating blogs is open to everyone, not just CFB bloggers. To nominate blogs for any of the categories, simply go to the Nomination Page and appoint your blogs of choice.

Blogger Championship Series's just like that other BCS except completely different. We'll be handing out Best Blog awards for each of the BCS conferences, plus one for mid-major coverage (including all independents other than Notre Dame), and one for more general, national coverage blogs. After long debate we decided to put Notre Dame blogs in with the Big East, as the "non-BCS" category is supposed to be an award for mid-majors, which Notre Dame is certainly not. Since ND shares bowl affiliations with the Big East and plays the rest of their sports there, it seemed the logical choice.
ACC: Eagle In Atlanta - Makes reading about Boston College entertaining. Not an easy task my friends.

Big 12: BON - If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, BON should feel more than a little flattered. Perhaps the most frequently emulated blog in CFB (see my formatting for these very awards).

Big East: Card Chronicle - One of my new favorites, this blog covers Louisville in great depth.

Big 10: MGoBlog - Perhaps the most competitive conference for blogs, but Brian is still the king.

Pac 10: Bruins Nation - This UCLA blog seems to be updated constantly with outstanding Bruin coverage making it the best out West.

SEC: EDSBS - Another competitive conference, but another easy choice.

Mid-Major: SMQ - Somewhat unfair to put this USM fan in with this group, but SMQ is damn good at what he does.