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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

John Blake Leaving

So John Blake is moving on to the greener pastures of Chapel Hill. As a result, the sky is falling and the evil plague of "change" is sweeping over Lincoln and surrounding communities. I appreciate all that Blake has done during his time in Lincoln, especially on the recruting trail, but this day was inevitable.

Here is the inexorable, but unofficial list of possible candidates soon to be seen on message boards and discussed ad nauseam, until a far more appropriate replacement is named:

Bo Pelini
Trev Alberts
Rich Glover
Larry Jacobson
Jason and/or Christian Peter(s)
Monte Kiffin
Marv Sanders
William "the Refrigerator" Perry
Chuck Amato
Kevin Steele
John Parella
Neil Smith
Mark May
Bob Brown
Moe Iba
Charles Woodson
Tony Samuel
Dan McCarney
John Gruden
Patrick Deuel
Carol Frost
Bruce Smith
Gary Barnett
Larry the Cable Guy
John Melton
Jeff Bowden
Watson Brown
Cedric the Entertainer
Tommie Frazier