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Monday, December 11, 2006

A Case of the Mondays

I'm still getting caught up on grading, but here is a quick peak around the blogosphere.

· Every Game Counts has an interesting piece written by Rice head coach Todd Graham. It is a pretty good account of how he helped turn the Owl program around this year.

· Heisman Pundit has a first-hand account live blog from the Heisman trophy presentation at the Downtown Athletic Club. I missed the ceremony so this was a nice wrap up for me.

· The House Rock Built announced his 2006 All-Hairmericans. Frantz Hardy and Stewart Bradley both made the squad. And deservedly so.

· North Carolina blog Carolina March is carrying out a mock BCS playoff. He will be having other bloggers predict and describe the action. Should be pretty cool to check back on.

· And finally, don’t miss the “Devil Walk” at Tift County High School in Georgia. I’m serious, don’t miss it.