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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Awards Season

It is that time of year, when the games wind down and the hardware is handed out. Here is a sample of some of the honors being bestowed among the college football sect.

· First, SMQ is doling out his yearly awards. Today brings us The Edwards-Fitzgerald Award, which is:
Presented to the best player at whom to throw the ball as high as possible as often as possible. In the tradition of the most eye-opening of the new breed of big play receiver as acrobatic, boxing out, rebounding power forward, the winner of the venerable Edwards-Fitzgerald is one whose hands and lank in traffic mark him as uncoverable highlight reel out of defensive coordinators' nightmares.
One of the nominees is our own Maurice Purify. I’m not one to condone ballot-stuffing or voting shenanigans of any kind for that matter, but last I checked poor Mo only had one vote. The poll is on the top right of the site.

· Notre Dame blog The House Rock Built is compiling a 2006 All-Hairmerican team. I already took the liberty of nominating Stewart Bradley and Frantz Hardy. Cross your fingers.

· The Wiz is still taking votes for the Cheapest Shot of the Year and has videos of the nominees to boot. When Shawn Crable’s hit on Troy Smith is the cleanest of the bunch, you know it is a bumper crop of bush league beat-downs.

· Heisman Pundit predicts how the Top 10 voting will fall for Saturday’s Heisman coronation. You can also get your Heisman fill from, which attempts to project the winner by tracking the votes of actual voters. It is a pretty cool site, that would like to remind you that it is in no way affiliated with the Heisman Trophy or the Downtown Athletic Club.

· Finally, the University Daily Kansan has released its Big 12 football All-Name team. Nebraska placed 3 players on the list. The surprise inclusion? Jay Moore. Come again? The Daily Kansan is really bad at this game.