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Thursday, December 21, 2006

College Football Blog Awards - The I Wanna Talk About Me Free for All

The I Wanna Talk About Me Free for All

"The I Wanna Talk About Me Free for All is designed primarily to spread the love in case it doesn't naturally happen some other way and to serve as the season's Round Up of Round Ups. Each blogger, no matter who they are, must identify their three best posts of the year."

Ok, so here is where I had to nominate my three "best" posts of the year. I didn't get any help from my loyal readers, and I assume that was because it was impossible to pick just three. As a result, I selected three that were either really fun to write, brought on a lot of commentary from others, or received a "hey, I enjoyed that piece", from people I respected.

Here goes nothing:

What's Eating at Coach Callahan?

Husker Urban Legends Part I

NCAA Initial Eligibility Clearinghouse