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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Dr. D - Good, Bad and the Ugly #6

The Good

Two consecutive conference road wins for the first time since 2003. We put a beat down on a clearly inferior team. I thought that Callahan’s Husker road show would continue to pound the ball just like we did in Ames. It would have been nice to put them away in the 3rd quarter with another sustained drive or two, but the game was never in doubt. KSU played hard, but our big boys up front just manhandled the overmatched (and much lighter) defensive front. The Blackshirts also came after Freeman with a vengeance in the second half. I took great pride in seeing him roughed up a bit. We got the better of him this time, but unfortunately, I think he’ll be a good one over the next 3 years …

Bold Texas week predictions: After having stated last week that nobody has a clue what the RB rotation will look like, I will boldly predict the return of Kenny Wilson in the Texas game. Callahan leaned heavily on Wilson against the speedy Trojan defense, stating that Wilson’s speed to the corner gave us the best chance to pick up yards against a fast defense. I look for the same this week. After not carrying the ball the last 2 games, look for Wilson to be showcased early in the game. And if those plays bring yards, Callahan has shown that he will ride the hot hand all afternoon …

The Bad

Ndamukong Suh. As in badass. The dude is just a killer. I think he’s already our best interior lineman as a sophomore. He has some of the biggest arms I’ve seen in a Husker uniform. On Saturday, he showed us that the only way to impress a classless kid like Freeman is to buy him two tickets to the gunshow, and see if he likes the goods. Check out this picture of Suh introducing himself to Mr. Freeman, courtesy of the Omaha World Herald.

The Ugly

Need more reasons to get pumped up to kill the Horns this week? For starters, we’ve only beaten the Horns once since the inception of the conference. Throw in the fact that the late Yasser Arafat and Satanists all appear to fancy the obnoxious and gratuitous “Hook ‘em Horns” gesture, and I don’t need any more proof. If I have to hear the "Eyes of Texas" more than 3 times on Saturday, I might lose it.

I hate that goddamn thing...I’m still stinging from the trip Jeffie Husker and I took to the beatdown in Austin in 2003.

Down with the axis of evil: Hamas, the PLO and Texas’ recent dominance of Nebraska.

Get behind me Satan!

I could go without seeing that for awhile (like maybe another 35 years). How stoned is he?