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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Vegas Oddsmakers’ Final Top 25

The Las Vegas Sports Consultants, a group of four college football oddsmakers who are the leading advisors to Nevada sports books have released their final Top 25 poll for 2006. The poll is based on the notion of who would be favored if two teams were matched up on a neutral field. After seeing both the Harris Poll voter list and some of their ballots, I have to think these folks might be better equipped to make such judgments. Anyone who has ever tried to make a living by betting on college football games, realizes that Vegas is pretty damn good at setting the lines. Anyway, here is the final poll:

1. Ohio State (1)
2. Michigan (3)
3. Florida (2)
4. Southern Cal (5)
5. LSU (4)
6. Louisville (6)
7. Oklahoma (10)
8. Texas (19)
9. Notre Dame (11)
10. Wisconsin (7)
11t. West Virginia (13)
11t. California (18)
13. BYU (20)
14. Virginia Tech (15)
15. Arkansas (12)
16t. Boise State (8)
16t. South Carolina (NR)
18. Tennessee (17)
19t. Nebraska (23)
19t. UCLA (25)
21. TCU (NR)
22. Rutgers (16)
23t. Oregon (NR)
23t. Clemson (NR)
23t. Arizona State (NR)

Unranked by Vegas: Auburn (ninth in BCS), Wake Forest (14th), Texas A&M (21st), Oregon State (22nd), Boston College (24th).

Obviously what should jump out at Nebraska fans is that Auburn is nowhere to be found in the poll, despite being ranked 9th in the final BCS rankings. It should come as no surprise then, that the Huskers open as 3-point favorites. I'll try and get to some of the reasons why Vegas hates Auburn as my more detailed Cotton Bowl coverage kicksoff in a week or so. Anything else you guys see on there that is worthy of discussion?