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Sunday, November 12, 2006


We finally stole a game on the road and and in doing so managed to beat a formidable Big 12 South opponent. It was an amazing finish and one I won't soon forget. You can hear Jim Rose's call of the last play here. Second half struggles aside it was a big, big win.

Dr. D is in town and we decided to meet up with some of my girlfriend's friends at a bar to watch the game. In a simple twist of fate, the bar we chose just happened to be an Aggie watch site. It certainly made for an interesting atmosphere.

The game was an emotional roller coaster and at some point Lauren decided to document my reactions. Here is a sample:

Pensive as it starts to slip away in the second half
Bitter smugness after A&M took the lead late.
Dr. D hates losing
Helping Zac Taylor find a receiver during the final drive.
Speaks for itself