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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Texas A&M Highlights

Here are the rest of the highlights from the TAMU game.

I should probably have more to say about this game from an analysis standpoint, but I just don’t. There were a lot of positives and if we can build off this momentum we may be looking at another great finish this year. As for the negatives, I didn’t see anything new. Everyone is all over the play of the safeties, but I hitched my horse to that bandwagon before the season even began.

The sluggish second half play remains worrisome. However, why is everyone convinced this is a coaching/adjustment issue rather than an execution issue? I could write at length on this subject, but I’m not in the mood. My abbreviated take is that for every questionable play call or series of play calls, or seeming lack of adjustment that you or I may point to, Callahan and Cosgrove could point to a missed assignment, an ill-advised or inaccurate throw, a drop, poor vision by a RB, a missed tackle (or 5), a breakdown in technique, or a penalty that was just as much to blame. How much momentum do you really feel coaching can account for? I have a strong sense that momentum swings in sport are almost always due to execution or a lack thereof. Am I wrong?