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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Quick Starts - Sluggish Finishes?

Tom Shatel recently discussed the second half struggles with Coach Callahan. I still maintain too much is being made about adjustments or a lack thereof at halftime. I remain convinced a stronger argument could be made concerning our execution by half. Let’s face it – we are hot right now in the first half of games. In the second half – not so much.

Coach Callahan seems to agree somewhat with my assessment:
“It's not like you go in at halftime and come up with a whole new game plan. Games are usually declared in the first quarter, the first 25 plays of the game. You can get a good look at how the offenses and defenses are going to play. It's not like you're going to go in and flip your whole game plan, tear it apart and come up with something new.

I know people like to make a big deal about halftime adjustments, but you really don't see people change what they do that often. A lot of times people play better (Emphasis mine). You may jump on them early and they feel an urgency. Players pick up on things, too. Players are smart. They see things and they make adjustments out there. A lot of times, that's what you see.”
A year ago we were worried about our anemic starts, now we’re stumped by our second half output. The “Goldilocks Theory” suggests next year we put together a full four quarters.

But anyway here is what our offense and defense performance looks like on a quarter-by-quarter basis.

Rushing Offense
1st Quarter1226205.085
3rd Quarter1084524.192
4th Quarter1084874.518

Passing Offense
1st Quarter694666.767318183.96
2nd Quarter845666.783628176.94
3rd Quarter724258.357704143.98
4th Quarter784253.862417148.10

Rushing Defense
1st Quarter752323.091
3rd Quarter752783.711
4th Quarter1004434.436

Passing Defense
1st Quarter542648.12824183.31
2nd Quarter986263.381036146.78
3rd Quarter724258.357704143.98
4th Quarter1126457.192734133.09

I’m going to stay out of this, but I have an informed readership, so you guys tell me what jumps out at you?