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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Birth of a Rivalry - The Present

Well, the game is fast approaching, which means the “Birth of a Rivalry” series is coming to an end (finally). Boy, that escalated quickly... I mean, that really got out of hand fast. I had no idea it was headed for an 11-part series of pieces, but I’m glad I did it and hopefully you enjoyed it.

Today we take a look at this year’s match up. Nebraska has the Big XII North title wrapped up and Colorado limps in with a 2-9 record. Dan Hawkins takes over and immediately “shucks” the red-letter treatment. So, I guess all that rivalry talk will take a back seat this year.

Not so fast my friend...

First we see a video espousing the death of the Colorado football program following their loss to Montana State. This just had to be made by a Husker fan.

Next we have these words from CU running back coach (and star of several Buff victories over Nebraska) Darian Hagan:
"... It's always a red-letter game. We're going to go in there with fire in our eyes and try and hit them in the mouth and kick their butt. So when they go in there two weeks from now and play in the Big 12 Championship, they're going to be limping in. That's our goal."
Then we have the resurfacing of the infamous words of Coach Hawkins at a CU Homecoming function:
“Just remember this, at 0-5 the worst days as a Buff is better than the best days as a Husker. Just remember that.”
You can check the video evidence below.

So, it might not be Ohio State – Michigan or even Florida – Florida State, but it is something.

And just in case you forgot:

Stay classy Nebraska.