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Monday, November 06, 2006

Ready For a Bye Week

Once again, I am in recovery mode following a big wedding weekend in Dallas. I drank too much, slept too little and still can’t manage to shake the cold/congestion/sinus issue that has plagued me for two weeks. To top it all off Dr. D makes his way to Houston this week meaning I may not even survive this football season.

I watched the Missouri game from my hotel bed while heavily medicated. I spent the game wavering between feelings of elation and confusion. In this day and age a win is a win, but a few play calls and clock management decisions left me confounded.

Other random tidbits:

· Cosgrove threw in a nice little wrinkle with Major Culbert lining up as a linebacker. His speed in the middle of the defense was evident and you have to love his energy out there.

· Terrence Nunn atones for his UT fumble with an amazing catch on a terrific pass by fellow wideout Maurice Purify. I am officially all out of superlatives for describing the play of Purify. He’s above average.

· Bo Ruud had a career day on Saturday, which was nice to see. He is one of the few linebackers not dealing with an injury and always seems to be around the ball. This week he finally showed he could make big plays in addition to always being in the right spot.

· With the way this season has gone, I was still surprisingly nervous at halftime even with a 27-6 lead. I have a feeling I wasn’t the only one.

· If you’re a Missouri fan you have to be wondering why Pinkel didn’t test our secondary more. How many times did they run that slow motion zone read running play?

· I’ve been hearing rumors about Kenny Wilson wanting to transfer following the season. He disappeared from the RB rotation a few weeks ago, but I’m really starting to wonder about the rumors now that he is also no longer returning kickoffs.

· Oh, and here is some random Louisville talent in recognition of the Cardinals big win over WVU and to make up for the lack of scenery the other day.