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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Blog-o-rhythm Is Gonna Get You

A look at the best of the college football coverage this week.

· The greatest thing to come out of the recent coaching carousel is clearly this newspeak term from the folks at Husker Board (click pic to enlarge).

The Husker Nation is an absolute PR machine on Pelini’s behalf. With the help of our fanbase Bo P. seems to become the insta-candidate for every job that opens up (HT – EDSBS).

· Big Red Network draws the ire of ISU fans with their Chizik won’t save Cyclones post. Scoring Chizik was a coup, but I’ll save judgment until seeing who he brings in to coach their underachieving offense.

· Nebraska blog The Woodshed Network has put together an impressive NU-OU game page. Nice work.

· SMQ takes an interesting look at Oklahoma’s wacky 2006 season. This doesn’t make me feel better about our chances on Saturday.

· CFR’s Pundit Roundup returns. As always it is the lazyman’s dream with a ton of content all in one place.

· The Sporting News’ Tom Dienhart asks some interesting questions.

· Finally, this one is for my buddy Marc, an Ole Miss grad. Apparently this is what passes for “scoring” these days at the infamous Grove (HT – Deep South Sports).

True to form this fella looks to be sporting the time-honored haircut that I like to call the “SEC sweep” or the “Alabama quarterback cut”. WTF is up with that?