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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Virginia Tech Post-Game Thoughts

· Frustration, frustration, frustration.

· Is there anything more cliché than having a punt blocked by Virginia Tech?

· One major positive was the crowd, which appeared to be at a “big game” level. Unfortunately the team didn’t match their standards.

· Running game – broken record. The play action passes to McNeill were there until Nebraska proved it wasn’t a consistent threat to run the ball.

· The past four years have been full of frustration. But the most enduring image has been watching Marlon Lucky spend his career running up the backs of his offensive linemen. Does anyone really still believe he should be much more than a situational back?

· Ganz didn’t play well. Tyrod Taylor did. That was the major difference in the game.

· Speaking of Ganz, I’m a little concerned about a new habit he is developing. The drop back and run toward the LOS like he’s tossing a javelin isn’t going to be successful. The ball will have a tendency to float and we’ll see more and more balls glance off our receivers and into the hands of defenders. That’s if he doesn’t continue to get penalized for crossing the LOS before throwing.

· I told my dad during the bye week that Missouri would beat us worse than a year ago. That was based more on what I had seen from their offense than on our own performances. I stand by that statement and now imagine more of you are hitching yourself to that wagon this morning.

· Where are our athletes? Outside of Nate Swift and Roy Helu I have trouble identifying any truly Big 12 caliber performances.

· Ndamukong Suh meet LeKevin Smith.

· Nebraska’s defense put on a clinic last night. Unfortunately the clinic topic was “how to lose outside containment”.

· Worse stream of obscenities from me last night came when Larry Asante failed to get himself to the area vacated by a blitzing Armando Murillo resulting in a big gain. Where did he think Taylor was going to go with that ball? Anticipation, please.

· But I also wonder if Asante has some sort of peripheral vision issue after watching him let the VT player run right by him on the punt block. Beau Davis could have done that much.

· Under Callahan we seemed to have receivers running open all day long. We just lacked a QB to get the right guy the ball consistently. Last night I didn’t see a lot of open receivers. Is VT’s secondary that talented? We better hope so, or we are in deep trouble.

· Most common words I uttered while watching, “This is the gameplan we got on both sides of the ball with two weeks of preparation?”

· I’d love us to have a running game, but I’m apparently more easily frustrated than Watson. If we can’t move the ball on the ground consistently let’s try the short passing game. It’s not really playing to Ganz’s strengths, but I’m a realist when it comes to our offensive line.

· You don’t develop depth on the defensive line by having the backups sit on the bench. As it stands, teams are going to continue to wear us down late in games. Besides it’s not like the starters are lighting teams up.

· Ok, that’s enough for now. I need to call in my prescription for Prozac.